What A Week!

October 24, 2011

A mission is a two years journey, but this last week has certainly made the past week a significant time for me. It has just been a whirlwind of a week…I’m still waiting for the dust to settle down.

So first of all, I started last week knowing Elder Leung and I were going to be split apart, with the Markham Ward being served by two sets of missionaries like it was before. But little did I know there was going to be 5 missionaries in Markham, and a even greater surprise is that I’ve never trained, but that I was training 2 new missionaries from the MTC at the same time.

In the mission, when we train, we "give birth", so when I train 2 together, I had "twins". First impression, what did I ever do to deserve this rare and special privilege, but I realise that this is nto something I can do on my own, but totally needed to rely on the Lord for help and His strength. It was the first time I’ve heard of anyone training two, but I know it is a wonderful blessing for me, and I guess an honour to know that I can be trusted with such a important responsibility.

So these two new blessings in my mission life are Elder Lee, from Hong Kong and Elder Huston, from Salt Lake City. Both come really well trained from the MTC, both have different talents and strengths, and we’ve been having a blast together, working hard, having fun, enjoying ourselves as we do missionary work. They are learning at amazing rate, when thinking about it today, I’ve just realised that they haven’t even been here a week. So to be able to end my mission this way is truly a blessing, couldn’t have wished for anything else!

This week has also been a week, I’ve had some, I guess, what you can call, personal struggles. At time I’ve just felt so powerless and helpless. During my mission, I’ve meet so many people, so that I’ve been able to know well, and become really good friends.

But this week, some things have happened that I felt I haven’t been able to help them at all… almost two years have past, and still I am not able to bring happiness to those who I really care about. I understand a lot of things can happen around me that I have absolutely no control about…but seeing those that I care so much about….feeling discouraged and sad….is really painful…and all I can do is stand at the side, unable to do thing about it….

We share with people the plan of happiness, but how come I’m not able to help everyone be happy…where did I go wrong? If I could start again, what would I change? how difference would their lives have been if I’ve never been in Toronto…I guess answers to my questions I can only find from my Heavenly Father, as I search for the peace and solace that only he can bring…both to myself and to those around me.

But one thing I know for sure…that this Gospel is true, and that God loves each and every single one of us…this knowledge gives me the strength to carry on…it gives me to strength to face each day with a smile…

Take care, have a great week…

lots of love,

Elder Lau

ps. no card reader today, but next week I’ll post up some photos of my lovely trainees!

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