Two years and going strong…

November 7, 2011

So this week, on the 3rd Nov 2011, I’ve past my 2 year mark on my mission, I’m super happy that I get a bit of "bonus" time. So knowing that, I was compelled to go and bear my testimony at fasting testimony meeting on Sunday at Markham, it was the 3rd time I went on the stand I think during sacrament meeting, I don’t recall ever giving a talk at Markham, I did a opening prayer once, introduced myself when I got there for the first time, a long time ago now it seems, and now…last sunday, bearing, maybe my farewell testimony at Markham, it was emotional man…I almost cried…my voice was choking up and everything….seeing all these wondeful people that I’ve come to know and love…and I’ll be leaving all of them soon… I really feel like I will miss them, in fact, my companion Elder Lee commented that it seems I’m missing serving my mission in Toronto already…no matter what, I know when I leave, I will be leaving with a very heavy heart. ڬ۫HگuY|n˱o}C

Something to dampen my spirits is that throughout the last week, I’ve been suffereing from a bug of some sort, probably a common cold…but it just keeps bugging me…mild coughs, stuffy nose….just plain annoying. But had a really intense but happy day yesterday, started with my emotional experience at church, had a few investigators at church, had appointments the whole night…ending with an unexpected but wonderful dinner at Ling’s place. Her mum cooked up some , "longevity noodles(?)", Taijin speciality, and Elder Lee was particularly happy, he loves Taijin food, because both of his parents are from there…so hopefully the Taijin connection can help build a relationship with Ling’s mum, and help her learn about the gospel…also Elder Huston was having so much fun on Ling’s electric guitar last night…

So just upload some pictures from last night…not much meat there, and lots of veg…it tasted good…ate so much…yummy yummy. This world would be so different without good tasting food…brings meaning to life!

Anyway, time is running short, got couple of meals to cook for people this week! Yes, I’m trying to utilise what little talent I have to bless people, so gotta head home now to cook…have a good one!

Take care!

Lots of Love

Elder Lau

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