HAPPY HALLOWEEN – all smiles.

October 31, 2011


It is Halloween today, which means…with all the evil spirits around and about, we have to stay home…curfew changed to 6pm instead of 9.30pm. Nah, not really about evil spirits, but just it is not safe nor is it good to OYM and talk to people in masks about the gospel…so therefore we are planning other useful things to do in our apartment tonight. Like thinking how we can improve, sorting out the paperwork,etc…there is never a idle or dull moment in missionary even if you are stuck inside!

So a few weeks back, I said I’ll take some pictures of autumn scenes here, so I failed…autumn is almost over, but I did manage to snap one photos of a very nice street that a member lives on…pretty red coloured leaves…hmmm…nice.

And of coz, it is a good week, because we’ve had some really nice meals togther with people, last Sunday, went to Sis Kwan’s home, she is a WONDERFUL cook…anything she cooks taste good! She is gonna hate me for telling this to everyone…but she is…and we had a very nice meal, I think it was the first time, me and my companions went to a dinner appointment just the 3 of us and members….so we took a nice group photo…check out the beautiful smiles on their faces!

Then very next day, Karena, our investigator and friend, passed her driving test, so we celebrated with her by going to eat hotpot…it was Elder Huston’s first time…he enjoyed it, but we were all slightly disappointed that he ate less than all of us…we expected an American can eat a lot…but it turns out the person who ate the most was me. I guess no surprise there, but Elder Lee can eat lots too!

Lastly, in Canada, there is a coffee shop that is everywhere…Tim Holton, you cannot drive anywhere in Toronto for 5 mins without spotting one, and they serve up these things called Timbits, the centre of donuts, and they are actually quite tasty, I prefer them to donuts, but for Halloween, they decorated their box very nicely…

Lastly week, I was feeling a bit down due to various reasons, but had a wonderful Sunday yesterday, which REALLY brightened up my week…The new missionaries had a chance to introduce themselves, all 4 of them who are new to Markham Ward, and a wonderful dinner at the Tse Family. Also special thanks to Shella and Ling for putting a smile back on my face…really appreciate it…you are great friends!

I love being a missionary here in Toronto, serving the Markham Ward….can’t believe I only have a month left…but I’m determine to enjoy it as much as possible…

Lots of Love

Elder Lau

ps. I realised yesterday, that for me, these 2 words are never seperated…."Elder Lau" and "Food"! I just enjoy eating too much I guess…haha!

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