October 17, 2011

Canada Toronto Mission: FINAL ROUND for Elder YS Lau

So I only have officially 6 weeks on my mission, and to make it the most interesting ,exciting and potentially most challenging 6 weeks in this final transfer, I’ll be training a new missionary! Dunno where he is from, dunno who he is…only know I’ll meet him tomorrow and train him in the field for 6 weeks. Nervous stuff…making me lose sleep and even more hair…

Out of the "old guard" Elder Lam, Ip and I still remain in the mission, but only I will remain and finish in Cantonese work in the Markham Ward, there is another Elder Lau from HK who is currently serving as a mandarin missionary coming in to train too…He is a great guy…so 3 out of 4 missionaries in Markham will be new…hope the ward is excited for the new arrivals!

Also, last Monday was Thanksgiving, so made a trip down to Eaton Center (downtown shopping center in Toronto) with a friend for dinner, and in there, saw many people paying tributes to Steve Jobs.

And a fond farewell to Macy, who in the short time we’ve been able to serve with her in the Markham Ward, has been a great help to us, and a wonderful friend…Thank you Macy…! So the pictures are Macy with Elder Leung and I, also the gift we made for her…

As I head into the next 6 weeks, the last 6 weeks of my mission, I’m full of anticipation and a shadow of doubt whether I’m able to fulfill this duty to help this new missionary make the best possible start….but I’ll will not trust in the arm of flesh….but rely on My Heavenly Father for strength and guidance at every step of the way.

Take Care…Love

Elder Lau

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