So much to do, so little time!

November 21, 2011

Only one week left….when people say "there is so much to do, so little time", it doesn’t really daunt on me until I see the end in sight myself, thats how I managed to a full week of sleepless nights before every deadline. But I feel a different sense of urgency here…it is not my own personal benefits, but other’s salvation at stake! Plus, I wanna help, and becomes sometime overbearing, to help my two trainees as much of I learnt in 2 years as quickly as possible, and it could lead to everybody feeling the stress.

So last p-day, meet with my mandarin teacher, Cindy…a most wonderful member in the Bayview ward, and a good friend for lunch, as kinda a farewell, took her to a place to eat taiwanese beef noodles and taiwanese food, it was cool, coz I know where to all sorts of food, and she haven’t had the chance to eat it since she came to Toronto, it was a wonderful 2 hrs that with couple of missionaries that knew her well, just chatted and reminisced about the last past two years. The food was good, the atmosphere, and the company was great. On top of that, she gave me a most wonderful gift and a thank you card…I was so touched by that.

So in the last week, my trainees felt the weight of the extra workload and stress, and we had to have a good sit down and talk, because my sense of urgency for them to become independent turned into more of a burden for them…(give me some slack too, it’s my first and last time training new missionaries) So we had a good talk, then had a nice meal at Korean restaurant to restore our energies for the night ahead. So just couples of pictures of Elder Lee, before and after…there were a lot of bones!

So this p-day is more of eating out, along with balancing my time doing other necessary tasks! So busy busy, but I didn’t wanna fail to deliver on my word, so a much longer entry compare to last week!

In this last week, one thing I’ve resolved to do is to so my dear companions something I’ve only recently fully learnt, the only way to do missionary work is the Lord’s way, the way that is prescribed in the Preach My Gospel and the Book of Blessings (missionary handbook), I hope to show them the blessings of obedience… man…I had to turn down 2 dinner appointments to stick to the rules, if you know me at all, you would know how much I love food! But nevertheless, I firmly believe that "sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven."

Until next week for my last entry here in the mission field…

Take Care, have a great week!

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