The past week in pictures.

August 29, 2011

What a boring title…feeling rather uncreative today! oh well.

So last p-day, went downtown, orginally to check out the CNE (Canada National Exhibtion), but it has now been postponed to another time. So went to take a picture of the CN Tower, very cliche i know, but had to be done, need to prove that I was physically in Toronto, and that is the most well known symbol of Toronto, but honestly, not much to see there, I guess there is more to see when you are up in the CN Tower than near it, no intention of spending large amount of money seeing a city(Toronto) that is not know for it’s fantastic skyline like HK, or even London & Paris… so been there, done that. Along the lakeshore, there was this thing called the Simcoe Wavedeck, I guess it’s an architecture intiative to jazz up the lakeshore area. Looks kinda, cool, especially with some trendy looking missionary(Elder Ip) in the photo eh?

So Kenneth Chan, the good looking fellow in the 3rd picture is leaving for his mission soon, so a combined YSA and Youth activity was held to send him off…we were there also not to goof off, but we invited investigators to have fun too…Kenneth is actually Elder Ip’s cousin!

Last two photos are of the activity, they did a outdoor version of mario kart, they run around in a "kart", the cardboard box, sliding around on soapy water and throwing "shells", wet sponges at each other…great fun to watch!

So thats the two most fun thing that happened last week, and we had a total of 6 investigators come to church yesterday, and for the first time in a normal Sunday meeting, they had to open up the back to fit everyone in! It was great to see the chapel so packed! Yeah!

I’m going to Niagara Falls today, so will update you on that next week!


Elder Lau

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