Lighten the load…

August 22, 2011

First of all, like to tell you and upload from pictures from the meal I had last Monday, it was pretty amazing! So I guess on my blog, I wrote specifically about one person before, Ling, she is one of the most amazing person I met on my mission, and here is the other one…Cindy! So Cindy is a Bayview member, mandarin speaking, from Taiwan, and I’ve known her pretty much since the beginning of my mission, in English class, I try to teach her English, and in return, she taught me how to speak mandarin, so today, I can get buy speaking mandarin is all because of her help and her amazing skills as a teacher! Cindy is one the best members I’ve met ever. So every monday since she got baptised over a year ago, she invites missionaries serving in her area, and others…to come to her home for dinner, and I’ve been there more than a few times, and everytime, she puts so much preparation and effort into it…Man…don’t I feel blessed! Well, the food was amazing, and seeing her after being away for a while was just really nice for me.

Well, that was my last meal before I started my diet last tuesday, on Monday night, met with an member of our ward, Danny Yu, he is awesome too. Worked me and Elder Ip till we died, intense work out…(I puked out most of what I ate, but it tasted good when eating it…) Now, i’m on a very low starch, high fibre diet, pretty balanced actually, meat, vegetables, grains, all thrown in there, with increase excercise from running, skipping and cycling, starting to lose some weight. Feel good at the moment, and it’s wierd, I don’t like the feeling of eating too full now…which makes me useless when eating my buffet (used to be my forte!) but oh well….

Missionary work has been good, I have only just over 3 months left, not much time left at all, found a whole bunch of new people to work with through teach English 1-on-1, it is fun, and it just feels so different working in this area but the dynamics are different, especially now we are on public transport…changes a lot of things…all is good…

Might be heading to Niagra Falls next week! Yeah!

So take care, have a good week.

Elder Lau

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