Away from the World.

August 15, 2011

So this week, back in London, I probably would’ve been less calm, the football season is starting up again, there is rioting all around. But somehow, despite all that stuff happening, as I concentrate on my duties here as a missionary, to preach the Gospel. The Lord has turn all those distractions away, allowing me, if I desire to be able to focus on the wonderful people I have to teach and to love here in Toronto. It is such a special feeling that they only thing I have to worry about is how to help others strengthen their faith in Jesus Christ, and make changes and commitments in their lives that will bring them much happiness.

So this week, there have been a lot of things happening, we no longer to need to find a place to move, I’ve been informed new Cantonese missionaries are not too far off the horizon, in fact there are some coming in October…so the possiblites of training a new missionary could be bestowed on one of us who remain…Elder Ip, Elder Lam, and myself…What a privilege it would be…

But things are going well regarding combining the area temporarily, spend some time having EVERYTHING organised…and almost all of it is done, just some pieces here and there to tidy up. Making the area much more workable. Also…this morning, we picked up two bicycles from another set of missionaries who don’t use time from across town. So apart from buses, we’ll have bikes to roam around on, hopefully, that’ll save up some travel time, and get more work done! and there is much work to do!

The weather has been kinda awful this week however, hot and rainy…which means it gets very humid, not a very nice combination.
A highlight however, was a wonderful Zone Conference in which much training was given by our mission president and his assistants to get the details of the combined mission straight and make sure everybody is on the same page, also it was a fun and intense learning experience.

Despite being on buses, I love being back in Cantonese work, it was GREAT in Lindsay, I still miss the good time I spent there, but this is where I was called by a prophet of the Lord, and this is where I find my true calling. I love the people here, I love the Markham Ward, and all my dear friends that I’ve made here. This is thus far, the best 1.75 years of my life, no doubt, it’ll soon be "The Best Two Years!"

Hope you all have a wonderful week.

Lots of love

Elder Lau

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