Too little time!

August 8, 2011

So since returning to my old area, it’s been busy busy busy. And there is so little time to do anything, yet my to-do-list is ever expanding even though items are being checked OFF. With the combination of the two areas there had to be a lot of paperwork, organising to be done, not to mention that the first day I move in, we were living in a dump. Maybe the missionaries there before were so busy, but it took me 3 long nights to clear the place up, to organise things, we threw out like 8 bags of rubbish, and uncounted boxes of recylcing. Now it is just putting together all the records of missionary in both areas before in a understandable and usable format.

While doing all that, we are looking for a place to move, we live in a south facing apartment with no curtains and huge windows, what that translates to is huge amount of solar gain during the day, or IT GETS VERY HOT! Plus we only have one fan, and we live too south of the new area to be effective, so are lookign to move, and we just don’t have the time to look for places.

Because even with a car, for the first two weeks it combined, they had no free time as they were so booked up, now we are still so booked up with places to go, people to teach, but without a car, it is jsut hectic…

But some good things have come of it, I now know how to get around Toronto both by car and by public transport, and all the time chasing buses, means I do a lot more excercise and I can’t eat as much…because when you eat like a horse, you feel like a pig…and pigs don’t run too fast, and definitely not good at chasing buses.

Overall, life is good, because I’m doing the GREATEST WORK there is to be done, in the GREATEST MISSION in the world!
And as you can see from the photos, went to some of my favourite places in my area already since I’ve been back…IKEA! and of course nice places to eat!

I’ll probably have some pictures of travelling around Toronto, buses, my companion chasing buses, and other randoms next week. As I realise, I need to capture the life I’m living at the moment, it is pretty unique and I’ll never get a 2nd chance at it.

All the best for the week…

Love, Elder Lau

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