Return to Markham.

July 25, 2011

It’s been a nice week in Lindsay, Pamela passed her baptismal interview and is well on track to getting baptised on next sunday! But yesterday night, I got a call, rather late, but I won’t be here for that, as I’m going back to the Cantonese work, in the combined area, with a surprise, no car….the area covers almost all of the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), but because Elder Ip and I will be on the buses…it’ll be an interesting change, and a new experience I guess, which is fun, as I’m returning to an old area, but it will be so much different in many ways. I’m so excited about it that I couldn’t sleep well last night thinking about all the things that we have to do, to help the Markham Ward and serve those wonderful members again, to get reacquainted to people I haven’t seen for a while, and meet many more new people as we diligently work to share the gospel to the Cantonese speaking population in Toronto!

2 weeks ago, Elder Lam came into the area, and now everything seems to make sense and click into place, I love how the Lord knows his vineyard and his children so well, I’m happy that I’ll leave this area in his very capable hands, and guess what….Lindsay is getting another chinese elder, Elder Kwok from HK.

It is sad leaving Lindsay, as I have made some many good friends here, formed many dear relations with the member in this wonderful branch in this beautiful part of Ontario, I will sorely miss it, it will be a treasured memory of the time I’ve spent here. But I’ll go wherever the Lord wants to go…and it is the last quarter of my mission, so I intended on giving my all as I return to Markham for a new experience!

Last wednesday, took a photo of the missionaries in my district, soon we will all be very far apart from each other…some very west of Toronto, so very North…to spread the Gospel far and wide.

Wish you the best for the week!

Elder Lau

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