July 18, 2011

So last week’s Monday was crazy, so I didn’t get a change to email to the blog…and here is the reason why.

As mentioned before, the mission formerly known as the CTEM has been combined with the CTWM to form…WE are the CTM!
So along with that, we had a new mission president, President Brower, so on Friday we had a chance to meet him in person, we had a Zone Conference, in which he had a chance to get "re-accquainted" with all of us, and talked about the excitement of the merger, and how this was destined to happen and we are all meant to be here fighting alongside each other at this time in this great work! It was inspiration, but it was also pretty intense…President Brower is a high energy level guy! So we left the Zone Conference feeling all excited, and we left and went back to work.

While reporting to our leaders on Sunday night, got a unexpected call from the Office, so we picked up…and some explaination of the amount of things happening in the upcoming weeks will be crazy…which is understandable…it is now a PRETTY BIG mission, most of Ontario is covered. And then, it was told to us that Elder Lam, will be joining us in our area TOMORROW!!! It was pretty shocking to get a transfer call in the middle of a transfer…but we were told that President Brower had some inspiration, and he thought we should pick Elder Lam up, and so last Monday, we were rushing about doing the normal things, laundry, groceries, emailing and having to pick up a new companion…it was crazy and super hectic….so didn’t get a chance to mention it last week.

So now, for the moment, we have 3 missionaries in Lindsay, Elder Thompson, Elder Lam and I. Funny thing is, Elder Lam has been companions with both of us in the past. So it is just like getting re-accquainted!

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