Come see the Prophet!

June 27, 2011

Hey everyone, how are you all doing…I’ve had a great week, and I’m sure lots of good things happened but I can’t quite remember it all now…we went again to the campsite to do some more clear up, but other than that all I can remember and mainly write about this week is the wonderful event that I was able to attend on Saturday, the Dedication of the Thomas S. Monson camp.

So it was Saturday, 25th June 2011, We left early in the morning to pick up the Peterborough Elders to drive up there together. The rain was holding off, and we were hopeful, it had been raining for the past couple of days, so rain was likely, but we had our fingers crossed. We eventually made it up to the site at 8.30am, and found that there had been lots of people who arrived even earlier than us…(they must be crazy!). When we go there there were couple of hundreds people there already, set up with their lawn chairs in place. It was cool, we saw some members from Bayview, and Cindy Wang, my mandarin teacher there. Was chatting with them to catch up, took them around the campsite, it was great!

We were supposed to set up some sort of a stand up there, but we didn’t bring a table (no told us to…) and there was really no room for one, so we just try to help here and there, and waited for our investigators to come. It started raining, about 10 I think, things started to get real muddy and wet, I wore boots, but my suit trousers were ruined… more and more people poured in, eventually, Natasha and Michael with Bro. Negus arrived! So we were happy, the Peterborough Elders had some people here too, so they were happy too. The rain just got heavier and heavier, and something surprising was, despite all that rain, everyone had smile of their faces.

So the service began 10 mins late, President Monson flew in to a nearby airport, and got shuttled in. It was still raining when the talks were underway, everybody was soaked, there were no escaping it, umbrellas popped up, but realising it blocked other people’s view, most people put them down. There were 3 speakers before President Monson stepped up to speak, the rain was slowly, gradually drying up…and when he stood up to speak, it was dry, when that the rain didn’t distract anyone from hearing the words of the Prophet. It was a sweet, amazing, unforgettable experience. The Spirit was so strong, everyone was so happy, Natasha really enjoyed the experience. And I took some pictures and even recorded his speech! At the end of his prayer, he prayed that it won’t rain on the camp for the reminder of the event, and it didn’t! Man…Heavenly Father answers prayers, and definitely when the Prophet prays.

I’ve uploaded some photos…pretty self-explainatory I think…check out the crowds…

Also, Elder Thompson found a Deseret News article on the Camp Dedication, with more pictures on it. Another one here from LDS Church News, as well as a report on him visiting a ward in Toronto.

I’ve also uploaded the Dedication Speech (download) that President Monson gave that day, recorded it on my mp3 player, I was a bit too closed to the speakers it turned out, quality isn’t great and you can hear the comments made by the crowd, but it’s there, I missed the first part, but the news article quotes it. So enjoy.

Oh…as of today, the 2 missions in Toronto have now combined, and it is now the Canada Toronto Mission! and sadly, President & Sister Eyre, my dearest mission Dad & Mum have left, but I’m excited for this change and the wonderful things still ahead of me on my mission.

Have a fantastic week!

Elder Lau

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