Baptising and still clapping…

June 13, 2011

There was meant to be a baptism last week, it got delayed but only by a week…Fern got baptised! Hooray! Yesterday was a a really great day…we had everything prepared to go for the baptism, Natasha, one of our investigators made it to church on her own, with her mum giving her a ride. While in a meeting, the Kelly family who hasn’t been to church for a while, but we’ve been visiting and working with them, came to church to our delightful surprise…the baptsim went well…the service was nice, unfortunately non of the people that Fern invited came, which was a shame…I guess in the end, they didn’t care enough to show up.

We are so happy Fern is now baptised, and so many of member were involved, after the baptism, Natasha’s mum wanted to meet with us, and hopefully we can start to teach her soon…

During the week, we had some sweet lessons teaching Natahsa, and not only has she seen and recognised the positive changes in her, but also her mum has commented on it too…she is really enjoying coming to church and learning about the gospel, and she set a baptismal date with her, on Pioneer Day, or the 24th of July, the same day her boyfriend Michael got baptised.

When such a sweet wonderful week happens, it usually means the Lord is telling me it’s time to change things up, and yesterday was like our report card, as if he is saying, “Look at the good you’ve done so far”, so we did indeed get a call from our Mission President, I’m staying in my area, but Elder Jung, my companion is moving to another english speaking area, my new companion will be Elder Thompson, it’ll be his last transfer, looking forward to working with him…there are many exciting stuff happening in the small town of Lindsay to come in the next 6 weeks.

On the 25th June, the Prophet, President Thomas S. Monson, is coming to Ontario, to dedicate a campsite which is named after him, our companionship and the elders in Peterborough will be going to set up a stand up there for missionary work, which also means, we would (fingers crossed) get to meet the Prophet in person! How exciting is that!

Life is just getting better and better on my mission!

Hope life is treating you well too my friends.

Elder Lau

edit: So the pictures attached are…1) a poster Elder Jung drew for Natasha, about how to gain a testimony, it’s pretty sweet erh? 2) & 3) Fern’s baptism 4) Me playing with a dog at the Kelly’s…she is really cute!

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