If you’re HAPPY and you KNOW IT…

June 6, 2011

Clap you hands! …(Clap, Clap).

So last week, we were so excited about the baptism of Fern, well…it didn’t happen, at least not yet…it has been postponed till next week…we are still excited…nevertheless despite that disappointment…this week has been a great week. So I’ve been clapping my hands, especially after the last weekend…

During the week, we went fishing with a family we’ve been working, had a "boy’s night out", I think it was more fun for us than it was for them…because neither of us had any idea how to fish…they had to teach us to use the fishing rod, to put the worm on the hook for us…and to take the fish off the hook when we caught one…they were some big fish in the river in Lindsay, we saw a carp jumping out of the water once in a while…we eventually just caught a lots very small rock bass, since we had no use for them, we just let them off the hook and they swim off, we fed them quite a few worms while learning at the beginning, eventually, it was easier and we manage to put our own worms on take the fish off ourselves. It was a very fun evening…could’ve been better without the mosquitos though.

We also had a Zone Conference with many other missionaries in Kingston, 2.5 hrs away, a very long drive, we woke up at 4.30 that morning…had breakfast with other elders in Peterborough. It was great meeting, last time to meet with missionaries with President and Sister Eyre, had a fantastic learning altogehter, and we had a picnic in next to a liftlock for canal…the weather was beautiful and it was a glorious day!

Best part of the week was yesterday night, a couple of weeks ago, I asked in a email President and Sister Eyre if I can cook dinner for them before they finish their mission, and they came!!! Sister Eyre called us on Saturday morning, they were at Kingston, and could take a short detour to visit us if our schedule allowed…Of coz I scheduled that in! I was super duper excited all weekend…it was the best time ever…they only stayed just over an hour long …but it was really memorable that I got a chance to cook for them, I love cooking for the people I love, and I love my Mission Mum & Dad so much…it was such an honour and privilege…for me, it was a great early birthday present. I cooked, chicken teriyaki with an apple and onion bedding, korea spicy pork served with rice and steamed brocolli…it was a lot of work preparing that on saturday night before they came on Sunday…but it was so worth it…the dinner tasted good…and it will be one of my fondest memories on my mission for sure.

So lots of pictures this week…

It was just a really really fun week on the whole…and we are still planning to have a baptism next week…and also transfer calls is next sunday too…as a cloud of uncertainty looms over next weekend…but too busy to think about that now…

lots of love…and wish everybody a fantastic week!

Elder Lau

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