So Excited!!!

May 30, 2011

This has been a good week…for lots of reasons…we’ve been fed on everyday that was available to have dinner appointments, we got fed some really good food…in fact this weekend just past was great, we started saturday morning with a bacon feast for breakfast, and was so full that we skipped lunch and went straight to a nice turkey dinner…it tasted so good…and we were so full…on Sunday, we went to eat at the Pollards, Sis. Pollard does all the cooking at every wedding they have in this branch, and they’ve had quite a few, so cooks gourmet food…nice more restaurant like food, and it’s really good…it was yummy for my tummy but probably bad…no, very bad for my waistline…

Along the line of food, after having a district meeting, we went out to eat at a japanese/korean restaurant, and I ordered some “yam maki”, sweet pototo sushi roll…so nice…so nice…picture below.

And, we have a baptism next week! Fern, our investigator was interviewed last Sunday, but intially not qualified because he had probabtion pending, but our Mission Presidency checked it, it was OKd as it was only a minor offense, which he had already served time for. So we have a baptism next week! Yeah…and in the 11 weeks I’ve been here in Lindsay, I have seen such great change in him, and it is another testimony of how the desire to come closer to Christ can change someone.

We had some baptismal invitation for him, and printed this picture for the front of it…it is a stained-glass depiction of Christ’s baptism…it is found in the Nauvoo Temple and it looks beautiful.

We are making good progress with Natasha, she is a visual learner, so we have a hard time thinking of really creative ways to teach, although the process is hard, it is good, because the lessons are really fun to teach, so she is learning well, we both have fun…and it’s all good!

Also, last week, I wrote about all that stuff, and forgot about a lot actually, last week, had a really really good sacrament meeting, it was a farewell service for Rob Stewart, who is going off to his mission in Mexico, and it was very emotional, spiritual meeting…and also, we saw rainbow, two of them…check of the picture below also…

Our kitchen renovations back home has finally finished, some my parents send me some pictures, here is a really nice one…I’m looking forward to cooking in that when I get back home…which is still a little under a year…

Well anyways, I had a great week…fully intend on having another one this week…and I wish everyone likewise…


Elder Lau

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