A lesson learnt…

May 24, 2011

extract from my letter to my mission president.

"Yesterday was Victoria Day, a national holiday celebrating Queen Victoria’s birthday?! And it will probably be one of the most memorable days of my mission.

In the morning, we were all pumped up for our studies, because we had a good day planned, and we were finally meeting our investigaror Sarah again! She’s been cancelling and cancelling because she hasn’t been feeling very well. But as soon as companionship study started, we got a phone call from her, saying she doesn’t think we should meet anymore. We almost felt like giving up there and then. We felt defeated even despondent. Her friends and their influence won and prevailed over the Spirit of the Lord it seemed…

But we knew we were meeting Natasha that evening, we had a wonderful lesson planned, and so need to finalise the details and role play for that, we did because we knew it was important. But after study was over, it was clear that both of us felt disappointed, and dejected.

After we went onto discussing our District Meeting on wednesday, and we can prepare for our District to help them progress. As we were doing so, we started to reflect on how excited we were for the month of May, and how nice & rosey things looked at the beginning of the month, and how did it come to this point in 3 weeks, I dugged out a handout we were given, with President Gordon Hinckley, stating, "the Lord will not forsake us", then the last line concluded, "If we live worthy of his blessings.", then the question came, are we living worthy of his blessings.

With the focus on consecration in the mission, are we really honestly doing all that we can? …and the answer was sadly no…we discussed and talked about it as a companionship, and we felt there were many room for improvements, and we couldn’t plan for district meeting at that time, because we felt unworthy to teach and inspire, and we were not doing out very best…We had set out district focus as, "If ye love CTEM, keep the Habits", with a focus on the 3 hardest habits…and we weren’t gettin 100%, and OYM in particular was the main struggle in our District. In the follow up calls, the Peterborough Elders seems disillusioned at being accountable to the 3 habits, we were bemused, wondering why, and we thought because they somehow sensed we weren’t fully commited to as well…ultimately, we are responsible for our actions, but in a leadership position, we are responsible for them as well, and they was no way we could inspire unless we were the example.

Yesterday, we made the resolve to not only be obedience, but be consecrated, we are here, working off a debt to our Heavenly Father who gave us our all, and we are paying him back with a bit of our time and money by serving a mission, and those things were from Him in the first place.
In the afternoon, we prayed hard, I had bit of resentment in my heart…why is this day turning out so badly, but I learnt that our Heavenly Father truly listens to our prayers, and really do care about us. We left to meet with Fern, he was doing great, excited to read and learn from the Book of Mormon, read together the story of Alma the Younger, then we went to a dinner appointment, the sister invited a neighbour on the same floor, we watched Finding Faith in Christ together, and ended the day by teaching Natasha, we planned a lesson helping her get to know Jesus Christ, and having a Family Home Evening with the Negus family, the fellowhsippers, and it was a most enjoyable evening. The lesson went well, through the family home evening, we felt we were able to build a good relationship with Natasha, and her boyfriend, Michael, a return missionary staying at the Negus’s helped out a lot, and we are full of hope for Natasha, and hope things can blossom from there, as she learn more about the Gospel.

What started as a terrible day, ended up being joyous, and full of fun…I’m so thankful for a Heavenly that loves me.

I know what I wrote is probably long winded and the order was messy, but I really learnt that He is there for us, and looks after us, and ALL that he requires of us is to keep His commandments,and be obedient, and while on our missions, consecrate our time and effort, our all to serve him, so He can shape us to be who we have the potential to be, and be blessed from the experience of serving a mission.

I am truly thankful for the opportunity to serve here in Lindsay, in this great Canada Toronto East Mission!"


Elder Lau

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