It’s raining…and it sucks.

May 16, 2011

Having lived in England for the most part of my life…more than half…you thought you get used to the dull weather, the rain…the grey skies,etc… But nope…and I learnt something else when its sunny…the work seems to go well…but when it rains…things just don’t…it’s not because it’s affecting our mood and attitude, rain just sucks…

The beginning of the week, things were planning out nicely, we were busy, from 10am to 9pm, darting from place to place, getting fed well by members, but it started to rain on thursday…afterwards…the people we were teaching were not really progressing liked we hoped…, the appointments were falling through…and I blame the rain for it. Not really, but it is annoying, I guess a mission is just up and down, you gotta take it all as it comes…the good and the bad.

But there were some spots of sunshine over the weekend…on Saturday, went with some members of the branch to do 5-pin bowling…yup 5 pin bowling, it does exists! The ball is smaller, you can hold one in your hand, kinda like a shotput, and you roll 3 balls each frame instead. Each pin is worth 5 points, and strikes and spares apply. It was fun, but it is actually more strenious excercise than it looks, after 3 games…both of our knees were aching…Well on Sunday, we had 5 people we invited come to church…which was nice, thats the highest number since I arrive in Lindsay, and thats the most in a little while, because the members were happy about it too.

Some pictures attached…we brought a 4litres tub of kimchi…because we went through 2 litres of it too quickly…it’s huge…but we’ve ate a lot of it already! Some pictures of bowling…and lastly…we were driving, and Elder Jung jumped out of the car…and asked me to take a picture of him with the sunset…so here it is…we had a rainbow too yesterday.

Things could and will and are going to get better next week!

Elder Lau

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