Sweet week!

May 2, 2011

Today’s entry is gonna be sweet but short…kinda like how this week felt…

Beginning of the week, helped an investigator overcome her fear after reading some anti-mormon stuff online…sweet…totally resolved her concern, not in the process of helping her quit smoking and coffee…sweet! Although it was a struggle to get the right people to come with us…it was SO stressful…but success taste sweet!

From the first photo, went to a member’s house for a nice dinner, slow cooked roast beef, was good…and nearby, saw this view of the sunset on the lake! Sweet!

On Friday, picked up our new car…2011 Subaru Impreza, first new car I’ve ever driver in my life…it is such a sweet car…the new smell is still in the car…it’s pretty good to drive, and has good acceleration, it’s making those long drives much more enjoyable.

Sometimes that week, Elder Jung made those gorgeous batter potatoes, looks nice…they tasted great too!

On Saturday, it was super hot, so we brought some ice cream…a tub of it actually…Maple Walnut flavour, with maple syrup…sweet! It was locally made…so fresh…so tasty…mouth watering…

Lastly, a sweet miracle happened this morning, last wednesday, the bishop storehouse truck arrived at Lindsay chapel, and we were helping some member load it up into their cars, but before we got there, there was actually someone who drive into the church, wanting to get baptised, and asked how.

So we’ve been anxiously trying to contact this person after one of the branch missionaries told us about him. This morning, while helping a member load up the truck as they are moving to Kitchner, that man, Allan McKinnon called us, and said he had been to church on Sunday at 9am, and nobody was there, so he called the mission office, got our number and contacted us instead, on the phone he said he read the Book of Mormon in 4 days, and knows it is true, and wants to join our church, so we are meeting with him tomorrow morning as we don’t have time free today, after we got off the phone with him, about 20mins later, his brother, Vince McKinnon, lives in Kentucky, called us, thanking us for taking an interest in helping his brother, Vince joined the church last year with his wife, and 4 months ago, gave a Book of Mormon to his brother, to his surprised, his brother read it, and we are meeting him tomorrow…we are so excited!

So this week so sweet…lets hope its only gets better from here…

Elder Lau

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