April 26, 2011

What a week! Hope everybody had a good Easter weekend. I had a good week…a lot of learning, personal growth took me for me this week.
At the beginning of the week, we had a training meeting for missionaries at Belleville which is about 2hrs drive from where I live. It was a meeting for all zone and district leaders outside and east of Toronto, so not all the many, but it was a really good couple of days. Practices a lot of teaching skills, discussed new ideas, learnt a lot I wish I knew much earlier…and realised how much more there is to improve until I get good at missionary work even though I’ve already been on my mission 17 months!! only 7 months left…times past too quickly…

We met a great new person to teach, Sarah, we talked to her on the way to an appointment last week, set up a time to teach, and after the training meetings, taught her just a short lesson, but it was good, it was beyond good, it was sweet, and it worked, what we learn, we used in that lesson, and it works, so we now have somebody new to teach, and we set a goal with her, for her to be baptised on the 22nd May… So good.

We had a good week in terms of getting fed last week, had 5 dinner appointments last week, didn’t get much chance to cook much of the food we brought, so I don’t have to buy much for groceries this week. Next week looks good for dinners too. I’m starting to like this place…

Had some great visits with members this weekend, sharing Easter messages, and especially on Sunday, had a fasting & testimony meeting on Sunday, don’t get that often on Easter Sunday, so it was really spiritual, really special.

Got some pictures sent from Elder Ip, a companion I had before, of the baptism of Hyrum Wong, who I had the chance to teach last transfer before moving to Lindsay, and that was 6 weeks ago, so this weekend is transfers again. Whether I get a phone call or not, I wouldn’t dare to speculate, but regardless, we are getting a new car, at the moment we have a 4 year old car with 89000+km, and we are getting a spanking new 2011 Subaru Impreza!

Overall had a great week, and got some pictures to upload too. Picture of 1) Hyrum’s baptism 2)some countryside…it is so barren, 3) car clocking up a lucky number. 4) Some really gorgeous fish & chips (found a good place for that here in Lindsay).

Have a GREAT WEEK. Peace out.

Elder Lau

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