Okonomiyaki Banzai!!

April 18, 2011

So this week was fun, on tuesday, it was good weather, and the first time in ages…almost 1/2 a year or more. we played football outside, it felt so good…and so fun…and found myself so UNFIT. In Lindsay, apart from Sports Night on tuesday, they also have here, a Ping Pong Night, so been getting myself excited about playing that, I sucked bad the first time, but been getting progressively better, and been playing it in the morning at 6am for daily exercises!!

We got some cabbage last week, and brought ingredients to make okonomiyaki, Elder Jung loves it, it’s always something I love to eat, and we decided to go to a member’s house and cook it for them on Friday as a thank you for feeding us twice! It was fun, I don’t think I’ve cooked for that many people before, there were 9 people. They all enjoyed the food, we were super worried because it is probably into something they are used to, but everybody like it, we had a good time, and got to a less active family well through that activity. Shame that we were so busy cooking, that we didn’t get a chance to take anymore photos…

Work has been picking up in terms of finding new people to teach in Lindsay, we are five weeks into the transfer, might be switch to somewhere else at the beginning of next month, maybe not…but right now…ALL IS WELL here in Lindsay. But dunno what’s going on but it’s been snowing here for the last 2 days…its mid-April…craziness!!

To top off a nice week, Hyrum, somebody I was teaching in Markham before I left got baptised yesterday, two days after his 10 year old birthday!

Pictures of me mixing a lot of food, and some japanese curry we had for dinner! (nobody would think we are in the countryside in Canada where they don’t have a chinese restaurant here erh? This town has 99% real Canadian people!)

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  1. loving the apron mate, how u been?

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