Onward Christian Soldiers!

March 28, 2011

Hey everyone…I’m now in Lindsay, as you found out last week, and been learning a lot of new things , meeting new people, and making adjustments to life. So I’m moving on…goind forward…nevertheless…

I really miss Markham Ward, and miss the people I build relationships with and see often during the past year, it is natural, it is human, I made some great friends there, but I also understand that is not why I am on a mission. So I’ve so glad we’ve had a super busy week. Gave me no time to reminiscence and think too much about our last area. Hey, but I love my new companion, his name is Elder Jung, from South Korea, he is fun, and we are both in Lindsay, in the middle of nowhere, and yesterday, we had onigiri (rice ball) for dinner! Yeah! Take that mash potato! or Canadian food in general… So it’s been fun.

We have been meeting a ton of members in this branch I’m now serving in, they are all very nice people, although on the whole people here are old and slightly oversize, so I fit right in at the moment (on the oversize part, coz I’m not old at all!) , but I should be able to lose weight out here, apparently we get fed quite often, but its not food I love to gorge on anymore, and plus, there are no more rice boxes for me to eat everyday, so I will be eating out a lot lot less….

This area is BIG, the area we work in now is bigger than the whole of Greater Toronto Area, but not a whole lot of people in there, so far, everyday, when I’m driving, one thing that has yet cease to amaze me is this…how empty the land is here, and how on earth people can live here….Elder Jung and I, both being from asian culture, would die…die from boredom out here, but people like the slow pace, quite peaceful lives…most of the people here, either grow up here and moved out from more populated places because they actually like a slower life style…away from civilisation.

So enough moaning about the country life from me…we did see something very cool close by the lake this weekend, a old but still working lock on the river to control water coming in…we took some pictures….but I’ll just upload one…so you can all meet my new companion, Elder Jung.

Well, thats it from me this week…take care

Lots of love, and “peace out” (Elder Jung’s catchphrase)

Elder Lau

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