Gunning for consistency!

March 7, 2011

So just as Arsenal is still fighting hard on 3 not 4 fronts for a trophy, and striving to be consistent this season, my companion (the awesome Elder Lam) and I are working hard, this week was like last week, which was good…taught a lot of people, have a baptism coming up soon, meeting a lot of new people, and dropping dead on our beds every night, exhausting our energy tank every day! But the sky’s the limit, because when we strive our hardest doing what our Heavenly Father wants us to do…and be obedient (following rules is so hard sometimes…actually pretty much all the time!) and working ever so hard, "Nothing is Impossible" when you "Just Do It". The result of is clear, because I feel satisfied, I walk the streets at night, cold & windy, talking to people that might not want to listen to us, but we are happy…what more can you ask for? Happiness is what each of us is seeking, longing for…and I’ve found it…in missionary work, in the Gospel, in following Jesus Christ!

So we are building on every milestone we achieve, and building on a solid foundation, and pushing higher and higher…but also striving for consistency…a 5-0 victory once in a while isn’t going to do Arsenal or any other team any good…we need to consistently pull off the 1-0 wins, the 2-1s…fight the good fight, and come out victorious!

But some thing I learnt this week that has helped me in being more obedient to the mission rules, to what God want us to do…is humility. The ability to submit your pride, selfishness and your will to what God wants…its not what we want to do…but what does He wants us to do, to become, because He is our Heavenly Father, and has our best interest at heart…so we just need to stop rebelling, we won’t be unhappy because of it…because he will give us blessings. When we almost keep the commandments of God, we almost receive the blessings. I share with I know that only way that we can truly be happy and free is to follow the example of our older brother, Jesus Christ, and strive to be more like him daily.

Hmm…on a sidenote, when managing my blog…found this pretty cool blog on travel, with some nice pictures of Barcelona…they also travel to lots of other cities…taking pictures along the way…check it out! It’s cool…also I just added this link so that I can check out this blog after my mission, as I stumbled upon, but I can’t really look at blogs while on my mission, because it kinda made me miss travelling around Europe, taking pictures of architecture and food alike like there is no tomorrow (i.e. very distracted)…but saying that, I would trade anything in the world with what I’m doing right now…serving the Lord, proclaiming His Gospel in Toronto!

Take Care, with Lots of Love,

Elder Lau

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