February 14, 2011

A new companionship with Elder Lam started this week, and it seems like nothing has changed…we got very similar success as did last week, and that’s a good sign. Things have just slotted into place nicely, and he has brought in some good ideas, and he has a really good work ethic. I think I’m influenced a lot by the person next to me sometimes, he works hard, so we push each other…sometimes when I just want to let the foot off the gas a bit…he steps on it, dragging me along.

Our video project "I’m A Mormon" is finally picking up a little, the members seems more enthusiastic about it since we changed our presentation approach to let them feel the impact it can have on someone after watching somebody else’s testimony, this is going to be a exciting 5 weeks ahead in Feb and Mar.

Best of all, it is finally getting warmer, which means, my asthma won’t cause me to cough when I’m outside, and if it gets warm, the snow melt away, the football season for me will arrive, the snow will melt away and the grass will be green…I’ll be the first one galloping along it with a ball at my feet! I probably won’t gallop, but bounce up and down unless I use this time well to shed some weight first…

Wish everybody, who has another half, a Happy Valentines, otherwise, better luck next year.

Elder Lau.

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  1. 新年快樂!祝你心想事成! Also happy valentines ^^
    Today something reminded me of you and uni times… turns out its not only your scissors i can break by just using them! i broke my boss’ ones today! snipped open a box and next thing i know i was left with two blades dangling from my fingers!had noone to share that moment with at work so thought id share it with you ^^
    its good to see that your journey is going well may the rest be the same! x

    • Hey Sarah, somehow I’m not surprised at all…you are too strong for your own good…thx for sharing that…hope life’s treating you well!

  2. Hi Dixon, I was going through my emails, as I have to delete some as I am using up too much storage space, anyway by doing this I came across your email to me when you were leaving. I have looked on here to see what you are up to and I see that you are doing well and are having a good time. Hopefully were you are now is warmer for you as I believe you have been in a pretty cold place!! When does your mission end and when will you be back in the UK? You will be pleased to hear that myself and Allyson are still with BA and a couple of the others who you worked with are here as well. Have to go for now, carry on having fun and look forward to hearing back from you.

    Take care


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