Slowly Recovering…

January 10, 2011

It has been a semi-frustrating week, there is nothing worst than getting ill on your mission, there is nothing you can do but rest at home, and at home there is NOTHING we can do, no tv, no computers, etc… Worst of all, staying just makes you feel guilty, because you feel you ought to be out there, working, time is short, why am I stuck inside.

But staying inside to rest and recovering speedily is the only thing I can do, otherwise I’ll continue to be ill even longer…so today, I’m almost fully recovered, still feel like my throat is dry, still has a bit of a cough, but other than that, life has treated me okay, at least I haven’t really lost my appetite… losing that would be terrible!

So after a long winter famine of no one to teach, we finally have a new investigator, Lucy, who is newly wed to a member of our ward, she was taught by missionaries about 4 years ago, but her parents was against it, but now she is married, it is okay for her to learn about the church again, so of course we are super excited, she is quite shy, but a sweet and humble soul, and it seems she is happy to us, and really want to learn more…so keep you updated on that for next week.

Apart from that, not much has happened, once I reach 100% health, I’ll be out there working again…can’t wait!!

Take Care, Stay Warm, Stay Healthy!

Elder Lau

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  1. Happy New Year Elder Lau!!

    I’m glad that your’re almost recovered from your virus, I hope that it wasn’t swine flu… but if it was… I’m glad you’re immune now.

    Honestly, I look forward to talking with you again.


    P.S. I honestly forgot you were a günner!
    P.P.S Tokyo Jihen are really funky, they’re great!

    • no swine flu, but gettin ill is never fun.

      Tokyo Jihen are good, should check out their lead singer’s Shiina Ringo solo stuff, some of it is really good.

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