– virus –

January 3, 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR! (…again!)

I hope nobody deletes this entry or email because of the title, usually when something like a virus is sent to you, they probably wont tell you that it is…just think about, if the person next to you is a spy, he wouldn’t tell you…if he told you he was spy, then he probably isn’t a very good one. So this is not a virus…

But I’ve contracted a virus of some sort…since Wednesday, headaches, fevers, cough, sore throat, probably throat infection have all been wrecking havoc on my body, and wasting my time out here to do missionary work, it’s been frustrating. But I’m not doing anybody any good by being outside spreading germs rather then declaring the gospel.

So this week has been quiet, been visiting and hopefully NOT infecting some of the members we’ve visited, work is slow in this winter season, we are reorganising a lot of stuff, new boundaries to our area means new people to work with. So next week its looking good if my body can keep up to it.

Yesterday, had a wonderful Sunday, one of the best testimony meetings I’ve been to, a member of the ward, Timothy Tse is leaving on his mission today, so had his farewell testimony, lots of tears, lots of emotions, all very moving and very touching, but to see that missionary work has the power to unite so many people together when it is close to their hearts is a great sign, that there is a fire burning inside there, and somehow, we have to help them discover it.

Next week, should be a more fruitful entry, because I’ll be feeling better (no maybes), and work will be getting started.

Wish everyone a great start to 2011…just like Arsenal is hot on the heels on Man Utd in the EPL….Yeah! Go Gunners!!

Lots of love,

Elder Lau

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