-14c & -24c Wind chill = WAY TOO COLD!!!

December 13, 2010

Because we live in a basement, and there are no big windows to see what it’s like outside, so every morning, before getting ready to set out, we call the automated service for Toronto Weather Forecast, so that we know how wrapped up we need to be, and today, I had to dial it twice to make sure I heard it right… Markham (the area where I’m in) -14c, winding chill -24! snow and drifting snow (no idea what’s the difference but sounds bad). Man it is way way too cold today!

It’s been a much quieter week in terms of getting successes in missionary work. of course Ling got baptised last week, and was confirmed a member of the Church the yesterday! Fantastic! But now we have to start from scratch, knocking on doors in this weather just isn’t working, so we’ve taken the initiative to push through and work with the members on some ward projects, the “I’m A Mormon Project” which I previously talked about (attached) is really going ahead, we are having a meeting to finalise thing this week, and its Christmas, so we’ve been a lot of service, making plans and tools for missionary work next year – including a all new chinese only pass along card for our mission. I sometimes wonder whether I think of all these different things to do, because I get bored easily, or I feel compelled to use creativity to make missionary work more exciting, probably a combination of both.

So this week, we had our Ward Christmas Party, it was ok. It was tiring, because missionaries usually have to set up most things at those functions, but we had prepare a 15mins sketch, which we did, although we had no idea how it related to Christmas, it was a mix up of stand up comedy and funny experiences while knocking on doors. [pictures will be added to blog only, as this library doesn’t allow me to upload through the email for some reason].

On Sunday, went with Ling to our Stake Christmas Concert, which was decent, it was a long way to get a bus down there with her though…and it was so cold…anyway, it was a fun week…the weekend was just super hectic in preparation for the Christmas Party, next week…we’ll be stuck outside a lot it seems…so I’ll keep warm for sure, hope you do wherever you might be…

Enjoy the Christmas Season…

Elder Lau

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