Slam Dunk 3

December 6, 2010

Yesterday officially was the best day ever on my mission so far! I’ve always wondered, during my 24 years of life this earth, what have I achieved? I learnt piano, made it to grade 7, never got to grade 8, I learnt taekwondo, got to black tag, never quite got to there to back…ok…I did well in my GCSEs, then it slowly went downhill from there…so there was a point, where I did believe my life was just full of "perhap’s" or "nearly there, but not quite", but I come to realised that that going on my mission, being here in the City of Toronto serving our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, is at the moment, the single best decision and most sucessful I’ve done…okay, I’m not done with it yet…still has a year to go, but NO DOUBT that this is the best thing I’ve done in my life.

Yesterday, I had the privilege to baptise Ling, somebody who I have had the opportunity to teach, get to know, become friends with…and the joy from seeing somebody enter in the waters of baptism, to be there at the every moment, right there with them….is simply surreal. I was super nervous nevertheless, if you search "Slam Dunk" in the blog, you’ll find 2 other entries with that name, but both times a member were baptised the person. So it was my first time baptising someone, before the baptism, every time I heard someone say "smooth and successful baptism" in their prayers, I felt like the pressure not to get it wrong just doubled…in fact, during the service, we sang a hymn, when I put down the hymnbook, I can see my handprint on it…my hands were sweating like mad! But it went okay, it did kinda go wrong, first time she wasn’t fully submerged, so had to dunk her in the water twice…I dunno who was the more nervous one…her or me?!

Well…enough talking about what I did, so Ling is the main character here…it was pretty cool how she was prepared by the Lord to recieve the Restored Gospel, and be baptised…

When Ling was young, still in primary school, she met a teacher, who was a Chrisitan not of our faith, that taught her about God, about Jesus Christ, and about prayer, and as children are more meek and humble than most of us, she has since a young age develop her faith in prayer, and in Jesus Christ. In the months, before coming to the Toronto, she was attending another church with her best friend in HK, they had some wierd and stricter commandments than LDS (which I thought wasn’t possible), but stuff like no TV dramas, no Nike, No Karoke…No Pop songs…for a 15 year old girl in HK, its SUPER hard to keep to those commandments, but she did try, and was even preparing to get baptised, because she knew, that getting baptised was what she needed to do to follow Jesus Christ, to a true disciple of Jesus Christ. But FORTUNATELY…they schedule baptism only at certain times of the year, and she left for Toronto with her mum before she got baptised…

Over here in Toronto, a small miracle happened that led her to meeting the missionaries here, we Chinese speaking missionaries provide a volunteeer service by teaching ESL, English as a Second Language, and we post flyers everywhere! On lamp posts, postboxes, in side shop windows ( with permission of course). And in one shopping mall, one of our members own a pharmacy, and it that mall, it is the only shop that we can post a flyer on. So one day, her Aunt, whose house Ling and her family were staying in, owns a shop in that mall, and saw our flyer for Free English Class, so when chinese people see the word FREE, they grab it…so she did also… Even though they live about at least 20mins drive away (far away), her aunt brought her to our humble little english class in the Bridlewood Library inside the mall there.

I can remember the first time Ling walked into class, we were so excited about it, because Elder Lee and I were teaching there, and we NEVER get anyone from HK in English Class…but she came, with her fun bubbly personality made friends with Elder Lee and the other missionaries, always have fun in class, came back time after time. Even when we eventually moved to a new location, she kept coming, and her aunt will drop her off. But it wasn’t until I left the Cantonese South area that the missionaries took advantage of the good relationship and trust built between her and us, that missionaries had the opporunity to finally meet with her and talk more seriously about the Gospel. There was always an interest, because she had no mobile phone, we can only meet her at English Class, so the first time Elder Lam & Cheng taught her about the Restoration, it just simply made sense to her!! She was commited to being baptised on the 26th December. Elder Ip & I were able to meet her when she came to church, and started to teach her. Every time we taught her, she understood the princplies despite our weaknesses in teaching, through scripture study and prayer, she gained and strengthen her testimony in Jesus Christ and the Restored Gospel, the commandments that we had to teach her…she told us that "I would live those even if you didn’t tell me about them!" Every time we were amazed by her, every time, the Spirit was so strong when we met with her.

Seeing how prepared she was, we decided to move the baptismal date up to the 5th December, she was at first unsure about it, but after coming to church a few times, and making friends quickly, credit to the Markham Ward members. As the 5th of December got closer, we found out that her mother didn’t want her to be baptised, so together we fasted to pray to Heavenly Father that everything we will work itself out, on the Saturday, 8 days before, it was a problem, but by Sunday, somehow, Ling got her mum to agree…another miracle which I think demonstrates that miracles does happen, and her determination and desire to be baptised.

Finally after much preparation, the big day arrived. She wasn’t nervous at all…it was I who was shaking in my boots…but all went well…She was baptised, and embarking on her journey back to our Heavenly Father above…

Here are the photos we took yesterday!

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