LING [special entry]

December 6, 2010

Yesterday was a pretty special day for me, not only did we have a baptism, but I had the privilege of baptising, Ling, our very special investigator. So this is a special update after her baptism. I’ll tell you a lil’ bit more about her and her conversion story in the main entry and I’ll upload some pictures of the baptism.

Here  is the self introduction she typed for the baptismal program: (soz, chinese only)

” 我是來自香港的Ling. 我由小學開始認識天父及主耶穌 雖然只是第一次接觸,但我很快就已經認定了天父就是真正的神,  我們在天上的父親 在對神的福音有定深入的了解後 我决定要一生追隨神的腳步,  並願意接受洗禮 成為一位真正的基督徒。”

other pictures that we took to put on the baptismal program…the one on the right was the final choice.


So Elder Ip & I are super happy, I’m totally over the moon, so happy that my feet are barely touching the floor. It is so fun to teach her, and it is even better to see her get baptised yesterday. So this is Ling, the newest member of our ward!


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