November 22, 2010

As I’m typing this now in the library, I’m wearing a big thick coat, even though I’m inside…my nose is sniffing, yesterday I decimated 1/2 a roll of tissue paper. In the past week, I’ve suffered sore throat, mild cough, slight headaches… So not feeling too well this week…or a phrase I just taught the students in my English Class…I’m feeling"under the weather" this week.

But when has something so minor stopped me from doing something I wanted to do in the past…being ill never stopped me from playing on my PS3, or even outside playing football…and it definitely hasn’t stopped me doing missionary work…

I’ve included a little extract of my letter to my Mission President this week ( I have to write a weekly report to him) :

"We are having fantastic progress with Ling, she had another wonderful time at church yesterday, she has totally immersed herself into the Young Women crowd, just like you mentioned in your letter, how important member support is. Yesterday, throughout church, we didn’t get a chance to see her much, because the Young Women just swarmed around her, best of all, she fitted right in. She has even been invited to participate and perform with the Young Women when they do their activity during the ward Christmas program. Just couldn’t ask for anything better.

From teaching her, I’ve come to realised again how the Lord prepares people for us to invite to be baptised. Talking with her about her past church experiences, she has been to a couple of other churches, in a situation not too dissimilar to the one Joseph Smith found himself in, she has been searching for a church to be baptised into. In HK, she previously went with friends to a church, but felt all they did was have fun, and there is not sense of reverence, nor the Spirit of God, she went with her best friend, who used to be LDS, but now goes to Zion Church, which, from we heard from her, has even MORE and stricter, but peculiar commandments, like not allowing their members to wear the sports brand Nike. But since coming to Toronto she has found that our church, Jesus Christ’s church is the one she feel most comfortable in.

She’s been coming to ESL in the short time (just over 4 months) she’s been in Toronto, and developing a good friendship with the missionaries, especially Elder Lee, who was teaching her class, she developed a keen interest to learn more about our church and about the Gospel. I’m just glad through that ESL at Warden / Steeles I got to meet her, and now I’ve the privilege of teaching her and helping to come unto Christ. There can no other way to put it other than…"How Great Shall be My Joy" when I see her enter into the water of baptism next month. We’ve taught already all the lessons, she accepts and have committed to live the commandments we’ve taught, regarding the Word of Wisdom, and Law of Chastity, she said she will live those even if we didn’t tell her about it."

So Ling is our investigator who will be getting baptised on the 5th December 2010, 2 weeks from now. She is a very fun, smart 15 year girl (she does seem more mature though…properly about the same as my companion Elder Ip!) She is great fun to get along with, have had great times teaching her…with her permission, I’ll see if I can post one or tow pictures next week…

Not much else happened this week, but even though I have a cold or even the FLU, and its cold and cloudy and wet outside… this is such a great time to be a missionary in Toronto, and life has rarely be more exciting and unpredictable each day. Although logically it doesn’t make sense…but I think I’m having "The Greatest Time of My Life", Louise, my sister mentioned that it seems like I’m having a lot of fun, having a good time…well…I guess I really am!

Well, until next week…Take Care

Elder Lau

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