Whoa…it’s been a great week!

November 15, 2010

Whoa…it’s been a great week…our ward had a baptism…Phillip Huang, somebody who has been coming to church for over an year and half… lots of missionaries have had the privilege of teaching him before, and me too, we are so happy that he got baptised! The turnout was good, the whole thing was pretty good…it was stressful pulling it altogether, the boiler wasn’t very cooperative, but it was great to see most things go smoothly without a hitch!

Whoa…it’s been a great week…our ward members have fed us so well this week…we’ve hardly had to cook at home…which is absolutely fantastic for my taste buds, but probably not as good for my expanding waistline… we’ve had so really wonderful served to us this week…including lobster (x2)!!!

Whoa…it’s been a great week…we’ve started something new, a little while ago, I told you about our church’s new website and this particular section called "I’m a Mormon" , we’ve started a mini-project with our members, going to their homes and filming a short 1-2 minute clip with them, to allow us to carry their testimonies, and to share experiences wherever we are on my cameras, especially when finding more prepared wonderful people to hear the message of the Restored Gospel.

So it has been a great week…We’ve had two investigators come to church and had a wonderful time…I’m staying in my area working with the awesome Elder Ip, tearing up Richmond Hill and Markham…!

Life could be better (eg. eating excessively doesn’t make you fat) but not by much…it really has been a great week…

some pix attached (in following order). Phillip’s Baptism, Lobster(!!) Our Zone of Missionaries!!! – a crazy bunch I know!

Until next week take care.

Elder Lau


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