Toronto Archi-Tour Nov 1st

November 8, 2010

Last monday we went to downtown to go sight seeing…as an architourist…with our companions tagging for the ride…me & Elder Zhan, from Taiwan, an architeture student also…visited couple of places…so here are the pictures.

So the pictures are in the following order…

1) The University of Toronto Quadrangle – reminds me of old univesities in England…a really nice secluded space.
2) The CN Tower framed by Mies Van der Rohe’s Dominion Centre in the Finacial District of Toronto
3) The TTC Station (underground) for the ROM (Royal Ontario Musuem) – notice the decorated columns
4) Umbra Design Store – bold and very pink
5) Interior of Umbra – white and very clean – the light from the outside flood the space with pink also.
6) The back of AGO (Art Gallery Ontario)
7) Calatrava’s Brookfield Place Galleria – a very nice lattic structure over this passageway linking some finacial buildings together and creating a softly lit courtyard and some shopfronts space.
8) Same place as above – but with our little crew of smartly dressed missionaries at the bottom.

It was a good day for the two actually interested in architecture…the others got dragged along, but they enjoyed it…

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  1. yo Dixon (or should I say elder lau now)

    its a been a long while.

    I see everything is going well with you in Toronto man and you still have some archi blood in you – (some great shots here!)

    anyways, just saying hi since its been super long and all the best dude ~


    • hey Ste,

      long time too… all is good… architecture is a lifelong thing man… you can take the boy out of the city, but never the city out of the boy… I grew up living in BIG cities, and architecture is what make cities what they are… altho, LDN is better then Toronto in that respect.


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