Happy Halloween!

November 2, 2010

Hope everybody had a interesting fun but safe Halloween, no real stabbings, etc…but lots and lots of nice sweets (or candy, as I’m more and more accustomed to American spelling everyday…and with all the ‘z’ s they put in words, and removing ‘u’ s from a lot of words).

Last week was depressing, but this week although colder has been much better, We’ve been trying something new…to use the "Celestial Teamwork" which consists of the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the awesome captain fantastic of the team, the Missionaries, and the Members of the Church. We’ve been sharing a short 10min message then, afterwards, inviting them to pray with us, and seek inspiration as to where we should go to find those people who we are called to find, teach and baptise!

In the last couple of days we’ve tried that, and we’ve been talking a lot more nicer people, who welcome us with a smile, and we love sharing the Gospel with them. Whenever we find someone, we call the member and tell them about it, and thank them…it has just been wonderful to see little miracles happen all over the place.

So this week was good, although we still need to work harder, there is A LOT of room for improvement everywhere, not least, in keeping my journal updated, Nov 3rd is the first day I set foot inside the Missionary Training Centre (MTC), so I’ll be a year old as a missionary in the very near future.

To top it off, we are going downtown to see some more of the architecture the City of Toronto has to offer….so watch this space for lots of pictures of buildings next week!

photos: We helped out a little at the ward’s Halloween party, and some of the kids were dressed up in the most adorable homemade customs. last picture is some missionaries, with our ward mission assistant, and Randy, our dear friend and investigator who is sadly returning to HK this week, he said he will continue to go to church when he is there, and hopefully will be able to play football with him again one day, as a fellow LDS.

Take Care

Elder Lau

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