I shook Elder Ballard’s hand!

October 25, 2010

Hello Everyone…sorry for a little murmuring…I’ve probably wrote this week sucked before in an entry…but this week really sucked! Real bad…we’ve been out working day and night and nothing good has come out of it. It’s been cold, rainy, foggy…super foggy actually, I think while driving the visibility was no more than 20m ahead of me! The lights all had glow around them…on the Highway, it was like driving in a midst of darkness.

It feels like we’ve been working in a midst of darkness this week, not finding our way through it. But yesterday, we were able to meet with Elder M. Russel Ballard, an Apostle of Jesus Christ, one of the leaders in the church, and it was inspirational. He taught us many things, how to become better teachers, and just very simply, in his own words, how "Our message is the only that makes sense".
In a world where if you ask a 100 people, "What is God?" and get a 100 different responses back…I’m grateful that I know who he is, personally, that He is Our Loving Heavenly Father, and he loves us very much. The church website has recently got a new look, and lots of interesting videos on it, especially on the I’m a Mormon page, so feel to check it out. In this midst of darkness to be able to see the Light, the Light that is Jesus Christ, to follow him, and not be lost is something I’m very thankful for.

This week, we’ve been working a lot with Kenneth Chan, a member in the Markham Ward, who also happens to Elder Ip’s cousin..REALLY! He is preparing to go a mission, so we are trying to get him used to tracting, and hopefully not put him off. Also, found the best place to eat Taiwanese beef noodles in Toronto! Yeah! Those are the main good things from this week, in a period where our harvest is meager…and winter is settling in. So next week, hopefully things will improve.

So a few photos this week, the first one is ridiculous and hilarous at the same time (we found this flyer on lamp post, though you got to read chinese to understand it)…the other 2 are self explainatory.

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