New Companion, Apartment, Area – Same Ward.

October 12, 2010

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO LOUISE!!! My dear dear little sister!!!

A belated happy birthday for the 7th Oct, don’t get to use computers until today.

Sorry about the less then informative last entry, and I don’t really have time to add more onto it today, or in the near future, because every p-day is so jammed pack and full of stuff today. But a little more detail about the situation now.

My new area is the Cantonese speaking north area, Markham North, I used to be in the south for a long time. My new companion is Elder Ip (pronounced Yip) from Man On Shan Ward in HK. We are really good friends, get along great, both love to play football as well…though he doesn’t support Arsenal. We knew each other since MTC, but its the first time we are companions. Will post some pictures of us next time.

So the new apartment is great, it is a basement, it is neat & spacious, it even has a gas cooker! not a flimsy electric one, I can cook with fire… But talking about cooking, I haven’t had a chance yet, the members are really good at feeding us in this area, even more so than the south, so I only had to cook once in my first week here, granted it is Thanksgiving in Canada this weekend, but it’s gonna take some serious efforts to keep the pounds down this transfer!

The new area in terms of missionary work is a lot different, instead with working with a lot of people in Guangzhou, we are working we not so many people from HK, everyone up here is rich…when people are rich are sucessful, often they don’t see the neccesity of having God in their lifes, because they, like the rest of the world, money = power. But we are working, organising, thinking of ways to find new investigators, and especially working with the members, in my last area, we had a lot of people to teach, but not as many members to work with, this is now reversed. So a new challenge lies ahead, I’ve started scratching my head for some new ideas. We’ve set a goal to have a baptism by the end of the 2nd transfer here, so in about 3 months.

It’s been hectic, but a lot fun the last week.

Hope everybody is staying warm, having a great time!

Elder Lau

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