Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

September 20, 2010

So this week, kinda sucked! we didn’t quite achieve our goals, I’ve been slightly in a not-so-cheerful mood, because we are hitting our targets, and it feels like we are not working hard enough…and one thing I’ve noticed, I used to be so lazy, but I hate idleness with intent at the moment, and sometimes I hate myself for not working hard enough, especially, I’m close to my one year mark on my mission, but still streaks of laziness slipping in here and there…

So a extract from my letter to mission president’s…because that’s pretty much what I did this week which didn’t make me mad!

"But let’s talk about the positives, we visited Sam Liang, who had a baptismal date for next week, but because of church attendance, it has been dropped for now, but rest assured, his desire and faith is strong, and I’m confident he will be committed to another baptismal date. We had a great lesson on repentance with Bro Tsui, our High Priest Group Leader, how also happens to live just 5 mins away. Repentance is such a great subject to teach and talk about, and so important to each of us, we taught a simple lessons, using some object lessons as well, the 5 points of repentance. Sam loved the lesson, and the next day, when he went to school, had a big old discussion, slightly heated as one, about changing his class to another but Sunday so he can attend church, but he did manage to agree with the teacher to allow him to take days off so he can attend church, the course last till end of October, but he is really good, he came to our Sports Night and brought four friends with him, who all live in our area and speak Cantonese, we’ve invited them to ESL and Sports Night, to have more opportunity to fellowship them and hopefully, be able to teach them gospel!

We had other investigators which have been fairly new, but also bit shaky, as their interest seemed to be curiosity, but at the moment, doesn’t place the gospel or learning about it high on their everyday priorities. On Sunday, however, we had one of our investigators pick up another investigator, who is our new one for this week, we haven’t been able to meet since the initial contact when OYMing, but kept in contact, he came to church yesterday, had a great time, loved the Sunday School classes, and wants to come back next week! His name is Hugo by the way, he is quite tall, and loves basketball (meh…), so our sports night will be fun for him I guess.

Also had a great meeting with Tonny, our recent convert, we visited him while on exchange with Elder Winkle, shared with him about seminary, after his mum raised a concern about it, but Tonny is fantastic, although he was sad his mum wouldn’t allow him to go to seminary, he was excited that we brought a old home study seminary manual with us for the Book of Mormon, and we’ve started running a mini-weekly seminary program with him, he has such desire to learn more, and we both shared our testimonies about doing seminary, as studying the Book of Mormon then was I guess the foundation of my testimony. Also I was so happy to see him pass the sacrament yesterday, and also Mr. Chen now has a calling in the ward as well, both have been ordained to the Aaronic Priesthood!"

Now for everyone’s spiritual boost, another fantastic story from Sister Tang, my cousin and also a AMAZING missionary serving in HK right now…

"We met with a new investigator this week, a 19 year old young man, who is teeming with questions. We were talking about the plan of salvation. Our fellowshipper, who is actually our ward mission leader, started talking about how we can become like God, meaning we can become gods ourselves. Now, every missionary in this situation would be screaming inside thinking, "why is he talking about this?!" But being calm and collected, I look over at the investigator. His eyes become very wide, and there’s a pause. You could see his mind working to process what had just been said. "Really?" I kind of made a nervous chuckle and say," isn’t that a bit deep for right now?" But the investigator wanted to know more and kept asking our ward mission leader questions concerning this concept. The kid was very much interested and not weirded out by it at all. He had a sincere desire to know and had no other previous religious background that would make him otherwise biased. So then he said, "Well, if we can become like Heavenly Father, then there would eventually be a lot of heavenly fathers!" We just nod in agreement to his statement. His eyes are still wide, still very much in awe. Still in shock he says, "I still don’t understand." Afterwards I tell him that I don’t fully understand it myself, but I know that we are heavenly father’s children, and have the capacity to become like our Father in Heaven. None of us quite fully understand how all that works, but he seemed satisfied and very much intrigued by what was said that day. I was initially worried that he would think we’re crazy, but in the end, he was satisfied with the answers we gave him. Talk about a mind blowing experience, for me and for him. "

This week is Mid-Autumn Festival, so seen a lot of moon cakes in supermarkets all around, but so reason, because of its abundance, have absolutely no appetite for them this time round, usually when we have one box sitting in the kitchen, they are treated like gold, I’m eyeing them every dinner them, but at home, I have one sitting in the fridge, and seen too many of them at the ward’s Mid-Autumn activity, that it is likely to sit in the fridge a little longer. Maybe because I’m starting to be a bit weight conscious as well. But don’t let me pessimism dim your spirits!

I wish everybody a great time with their families this Wednesday, enjoy your mooncake(s) and take in the moon, admire the beautiful creating of God all around you! Until next week, Take Care!

Elder Lau

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