Autumn has arrived…

September 13, 2010

The seasons in Toronto really change fast, it was really really hot in the summer, then turns into just hot & humid, with lots of mosquitos…now it feels like England, a breeze every now and then, cool weather, except less clouds to dampen your mood when you awake in the morning.

We had hardworking week, at the end, found a new investigator as well, his name is Chris, came from China just one month ago, really nice & sincere (they all are aren’t they if they are willing to listen to us). Met with him on saturday, he was eager to learn about church, and who Jesus Christ is, and even came to church on Sunday! Miracles, and people that are desiring for the Gospel are just found out of nowhere, but it is so comforting to know that as we do our part and be diligent, the Lord will place gifts in our paths. Talking about gifts, when I was at a library this week, I was looking through the information and pamplets they have near the reception, and found this postcard, with "AGO" on it, immediately caught my attention, (AGO is Art Gallery Ontario), I thought lets see what exhibition they have, it terms out to be a pack of 25 beautiful postcards… I was so happy! The only negative thing about it now is, in the morning, I’m more concern about sketching, and desiging stuff then eating breakfast in the morning!

So this week has pretty good, got to go to the Toronto Temple, pictures attached, one of the garden, and 2nd, the Cantonese called missionaries in my Zone, though one is serving in English, the other in Mandarin, the one on the left of me is my new companion, Elder Cheng, he is a pretty unique character, I’ll see if I can write up some stories to share for next time.

Oh, last week found the Lego trooper in the apartment had a lot fun taking pictures of it… miss taking pictures of my Gundams though…this Lego trooper will suffice for now. This week’s entry is kinda lame and short, I had to use the PC to organise a bunch of stuff on my SD card, and the computers at the library are SO SLOW….

Until next week, take care!

Elder Lau

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