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September 7, 2010

I don’t even know what the title of this week’s entry should be…It’s been a real mix bag, Tonny got confirmed, great start, we played football with the ward yesterday, all but one of the people we invited came, investigators, members alike…it was really fun, it showered a little bit, kept everything cool. But I don’t feel that great inside this week, things just haven’t been working as smoothly as I want, plus I feel myself getting a little distracted lately.

I guess in terms of sucess in the mission, this week has been disappointing, a lot of time gone wasted, could’ve been better used, we didn’t hit our goals, but I guess it is not a good time to get discouraged about things, especially knowing the miracles that DO happen, and I’ve seen them happen, but Sister Tang had a wonderful miracle story in HK I want to share with you all.

"So today after the testimony meeting, we originally planned to go home and do our chores and stuff, but we did get permission to go to Sam Shui Po for shopping. We were just going to go home and shop there, but as senior companion, I decided to change it up. We went to Sam Shui Po. And looking on the map, there was a library near the station so we decided to go email over, BUT they’re closed on thursdays. Weird. Well, Sister Clark and I were a bit hungry so I saw this place that looked pretty decent so we go in. We order our food, and this kid starts talking to us. I probably shouldn’t call him a kid, he’s probably in his mid 20s. Anyway, he starts asking about us and if we live around here. It turns out that he knows where our chapel is in that area, and that he had come to our church before when he was in high school. Miracle! We chatted with him for a little bit and I shared a little bit about the restoration. I gave him a pamphlet and the address of our closest chapel. I asked him if we could exchange phone numbers so that I could have the missionaries in this area invite him to church. He immediately said of course, right now he has a lot of time because he’s not working. It was so cool! What is really miraculous is that he doesn’t work at that restaurant. His mom is sick today, and since she couldn’t find another employee to work for her, she just sent him to take her place. Miracles! It’s amazing how the Lord works in mysterious ways. If we hadn’t gone to sam shui po, if that library wasn’t closed, if we hadn’t decided to go eat to that restaurant, we would have never met this person. Sigh. Truly, the Lord guides us when we don’t even know it. I’m going to give his phone number to the other missionaries tonight. Hopefully they can see him soon."

What a sweet story, it really lifted my spirits reading it, that NOTHING is a coincidence, that miracles do happen to every one of us, as long we try our best to live worthy of that gift. Have FAITH in the Lord, he knows us, and is there with us every step of the way.

Lastly, when I was writing my family this week, I realised that it is September 2010 already, I’ve been on my mission 10 months already, it is scary of how much has happened and how fast it all happened, and how little of it I can remember without looking at photos and my journal (which is in poor health), also I only have 14 months left, really gives me that sense of urgency that absolutely have no time to waste!

Anyway, have a great week! For those of you starting school again, ADD OIL!!

Elder Lau

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