August 23, 2010

It was the last week of the transfer (6-week period) and a lot things happened, I’ll say 90% positive, it was so busy and felt so good, that I really cannot recount any really bad thing happening at all…it was a HAPPY WEEK I’ll say, so first I’ve quoted from my report letter to show you how exciting it was! (Please pardon my bad english+grammar, I’ve actually found my english have gotten a lot worse since I’ve been in Cantonese work…)

“Best thing this week was our meeting with our new investigator, Andy Kwang, who we’ve meet with twice, both at the crowded environment at a Tim Holtons, we were able to teach him, by explaining our purpose from the beginning, and helping him to realise that baptism is wonderful thing, and we are there to help him, although, we didn’t plan it in the lesson, but as we taught about Jesus Christ, and how he is an shining example to all of us, we were prompted to focus on baptism, and to be honest, I’ve never committed somebody to baptism so early on in teaching them, but felt like we had to, so we did. We are so glad we both followed that prompting from the Spirit when teaching about Jesus Christ begin baptised, and that we were taken back when he actually said, “Yes”, I guess I still haven’t gotten use to people saying yes, but excitement and joy surges through me every time somebody says “Yes, I will” to a baptismal commitment.

So another highlight this week was being able to meet with Sue + Tony with their family, we brought Ken and Anna Liu, whom we’ve introduced to each other when they came to church, their sons already get along so well with each other in Primary, we really felt that they would benefit from knowing who Jesus Christ really is, and understand how his gospel can help each one of us, we taught from the Restoration pamphlet, then watched Finding Faith in Christ, again, they had many questions, but it was great for us, because Elder Pierce and I didn’t do a lot of talking, they asked questions, and most of them, Ken and Anna answered, it was really good! At the end of the lesson, Sue said, that it was great to have Ken & Anna over, to be able see, how the gospel blesses the lives of real families, and bring them so much joy and happiness. We are so excited to be able to meet with them again soon, to top it off, Tony, Sue’s husband who had previously been fairly apprehensive in learning about religion, offered the closing prayer, Sue was so happy that he did, and said it was his first ever prayer, she have waited a long time for that to happen.

Also we were able to meet with Mr. Lam, help him understand that all commandments of God are given through revelation and prophets, and used the 10 Commandments and Moses as the precedent, to set the stage for new revelation and Joseph Smith for next time, we know he like to drink tea, and sometimes a little of whisky, so are really hoping to build of his desire and faith in Jesus Christ and following the 10 Commandments so that he will be able to keep the Word of Wisdom when we teach him that next time.

Lastly, we are making final preparations for Tonny’s baptism this coming Sunday, there are actually two baptisms happening at the same time, Jessica Wang, a daughter of a member who recently turned eight years old, so it would be a joyous occasion for the whole ward, and we are hoping and working hard to make everything go well!”

So at the end of that week, we received a phone call, from our Mission President, there are some major changes in Markham Ward in terms of missionaries, I’m staying, but unfortunately, my stint with Elder Pierce as companions are over…just 6 weeks, it was fantastic being with him, he was so good and so fun…he did great impressions of anime characters, especially Pikachu and Totoro! I’ll miss him, but he is not far, over down the road in English work, in fact, we are still in the same zone, but the Cantonese North area missionaries are changing as well, they are kicking all american missionaries out of Markham Ward, and it’s gonna be all chinese missionaries! 2 from HK, 1 from Calgary, 1 from London. It’s going to be interesting I guess…Elder Ip, a missionary I was in MTC with is coming back, and also my new companion Elder Cheng, from HK, will be working as Co-District Leader with me, I heard he is a special character (from my mission president), and he sometimes wierd people out ( from other missionaries), so it’ll be another interesting transfer.

But I’ve really learned over the last 8 months…(yup, I’ve been here eight months already), its that no matter what we 19 or 20something year olds do, the Lord’s work is set in motion, and cannot be stopped, but it is require of each of us to be that much more like Jesus Christ, to be able to play a part in building His Kingdom on this earth!

Take care!

Elder Lau

p.s. I’ve attached a funny picture from last week’s trip to the R’OM.

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