R’OM + Terracotta Soldiers

August 16, 2010

Hello everyone!

The missions across the world has gone through a readjustment, to stick closer to the basics, to go back to the core principles of Preach My Gospel, so as I had the opportunity to attend the first 2 days of the Leadership Training Meeting, (which is about the only positives I can think of of being a District Leader, only joking! serving others are great too!) so apart from a free lunch prepared by our mission mum and other senior missionaries, we actually learn a lot that will help us become better teachers, to help people move from setting a baptismal date to entering into the waters of baptism. So that was been one of the main things that had taken a lot of time this week. Also last week, had the opportunity to usher at the Saviour of the World musical which the Toronto Stake is doing for the 50th Anniversary, this week, we invited one of our recent converts to go with her cousin, so I had the opportunity to see it as well, and whoa…how much I love seeing musicals, there are so many talented people, and it was just amazing to see the time and effort everyone had put into it. I wonder if there is a soundtrack to it somewhere, the show was written probably a while ago, but it is pretty good.

So apart from that, want to report that Tonny, is doing really well, and fingers crossed, will be baptised on the 29th August, later this month, in fact, I have enough faith in him and in the Lord that I’m sure it’ll happen. We visited him twice this week, first to go over his baptismal program, in which Elder Pierce arranged for me to give a talk…( I was on exchange…and he thought since he gave one in sacrament meeting, the least I can do is give a short talk in the baptismal service), second time, we were able to have a great meeting with his Mum, and she is really excited about his baptism, she is really nice and cool, and was previously interested in the gospel, so we are really hoping that she will feel the Spirit at her son’s baptism and know that it is the best thing that can happen to their family.

That’s about it this week in terms of missionary work…well…today, we went downtown to the R’OM, the Royal Ontario Museum, for two reasons, to see the Terracotta Army exhibtion which I missed in London, and to see Daniel Libeskind’s eccentric addition to the R’OM, the Michael Lee Chin Crystal, which fills up the space which used to be the courtyard. So I’ve attached some pictures of our trip today, sorry, no people in pictures, I think there are pictures of people on other missionaries’ camera’s I’ll see I can get some pictures from them later. The Terracotta Army exhibition was quite good, a nice little mulitmedia history lesson, but no cameras allowed, the exhibits themselves was nice, but if this it the top museum in Ontario, then it really doesn’t compare to the British Museum in London, espeically as there is a whooping $26 dollar entry fee, and that is with discount!

I love reading the email’s that Sister Tang sends, and I would like to quote a little more of it today, I hope she doesn’t mind…

"I remember when I first arrived in HK, the APs take us out to give out Books of Mormon to people. And I still remember when we were waiting for the MTR, i see elder liu just go right up to a random person, chit chats with them, gives them a book of Mormon and waves good bye before getting on the subway. I was in awe. I thought to myself, how in the world did he do that? Now looking back, this time on the mission is a growing process. We as missionaries are set apart and given authority. It’s on the mission that we learn how to use that authority to teach and preach with power. That’s what elder liu had learned and was still learning while he was on a mission. It’s because he grew into his shoes so to speak that he was able to teach with convincing power and give that precious Book of Mormon away. I don’t claim to be the greatest at finding, it’s still probably one of my biggest challenges, but I’ve come to have faith in the Lord that he will help me to open my mouth. The Lord has helped me to love these people, and to really try to understand them so that I can use the gospel and apply to their situation. I love this gospel so so much. So many people need it so badly. It may not be their time, maybe they’re not prepared yet, but I know that there are prepared people out there who are ready to receive it. It’s just a matter of how diligent we are in "thrusting in our sickle." I know this gospel can change everybody’s life for the better. It gives me hope that I can be a better person and keep on progressing."

I really love her emails, she always shares such great testimony, I guess thats why Sisters are such awesome missionaries! But to add to that, I’ve really learned that the message of the Restoration is so great and the Book of Mormon is really so precious to one of us, that if it is so important to us, and brings us so many blessings, how DARE we don’t share it with everybody, through the Restoration, we know that our Heavenly Father stills loves us as much as when we were with him, maybe even more, and the Book of Mormon, we can learn so much that pertains to how we can change our lives and others to find more happiness and joy, to be worthy of the blessings that our Father in Heaven has in store for us. I love this gospel so much, this missionary work is hard, it is meant to be hard, but at the same time, we can learn so much, and feel so much joy by sharing this gospel with others.

I’ve only had time to type this one email, so sorry if I didn’t get a chance to reply your emails individually, I will next week, coz today, the R’OM took up a few hours, but it was worth it!

Have a great week!

Elder Lau

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