Missionary Weekly Report

August 9, 2010

This week, apart from missionary work…I don’t think I did much else…suppose that’s a good thing, so I thought I might as well attach part of Letter to my Mission President(Dad) regarding what I did this week…if some of it doesn’t make sense, leave a comment and I’ll explain it next week.

“We had a good week with our investigators, something that we started this transfer is aim to have 5 progressing investigators every week, we prayerful select 5 who we feel has most potential to progress towards baptism and we concentrate the majority of our efforts of them. This week we had 4, Mr. Chen no longer counted because he was confirmed a member yesterday! The ward held a pot luck lunch for him after church, most of the ward members stayed, had a chance to mingle and get to know him better, he was participating in answer questions in Priesthood class, not surprising since he’s been coming to church for a while, but now not only does he feel like part of the ward, he now IS part of the ward, home teachers have been assigned, and hopefully a calling soon, the member who referred him to us in the first place, baptised and confirmed him, how valuable a true member friend is!

Last week we had a large amount of finding time with limited success, but this week, I’m please to say we are beginning to see some of the fruits from the hard work last week, all the appointments we taught this week, though not many, were all taught with a member, and one of our new investigator, Mrs Tse, is another member referral from the Sin family, who referred Mr. Chen to us, been able to teach her twice, and the Sin family is bringing her to church as she lives just two doors along from them. She is a very humble and kind lady, who has no real religious background at all, so having a Heavenly Father still seems a new concept to her, but is very willing to learn.

The other new investigator is Sue Ho, who we tracted into, she is a very friendly lady, and seems very interested as to how our church and the gospel is centred around the family at its core, she has a young family, two young boys, Edison, 6 and Ryan, 2. She, with her husband, Tony, brought their whole family to Saviour of the World on Saturday afternoon, we visited them that night with a member who lives close by, and yesterday, the whole family came to church, it was a really hectic day for us to arrange for members to take care of them, fellowship them, and it was probably somewhat daunting for them, but they had a nice time, I think, and Edison, already made some friends in Primary. At the moment, only Sue is an investigator, but, during this week, we hope to meet again with the whole family!

On Tuesday, we were able to bring Alex Hui, a young man preparing for his mission to come teach Tonny with us, and taught a lesson about “Making time for Christ”, Tonny understood the message, and Alex bore his testimony about how the gospel has blessed his life, and it seems that Tonny looks up to Alex as a good example among the young man, and we were able to once again commit Tonny with a baptismal date. We made a baptismal invitation card like we planned, and he responded with a simple, “August 29th OK!”, Lastly, yesterday we taught Mr. Lam on Sunday after church, it was a REALLY busy Sabbath day, and we shared with him the 10 Commandments, and how we explained to him after teaching that each commandment of God brings forth blessings when we obey them, and to put it simply, I’ve never seen such excitement on one’s face learning about commandments of God, as he truly knows that each and every commandment, though some might be hard, will really bless him!”

So a little insight into the excitement of missionary work…until next week…Take Care.

Elder Lau


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