Slam Dunk!

August 2, 2010

So after last week, things could only get better…and it did. We had a baptism! The one I would count as my first on my mission, although my companionship had one on the first Sunday I arrived, which was over 6 months ago now, this investigator, Mr. Chen, we’ve taught him from fairly early on. It is actually quite a miracle, at the beginning, he seemed to have almost no potential no desire to learn, but he was a member referral, so we persisted, I can still remember the first lesson we taught him, he had his face buried in his hands half the time, scratching his neck every now and then…back then I was thinking…why are we doing this, but somehow because Heavenly Father loves each of his children equally, through our poor teaching skills and lessons with him after church, gradually he was praying, reading, and gaining a very real testimony of his gospel, there was a particular lesson which we taught we the member that referred him, it was like a 180degrees change, he responded to questions, he was sincere in his answers, maybe because we changed our attitude towards him, he could feel that we care.

So after many things happening, he was baptised yesterday by the member that referred him, it is so wonderful to see him joining the church with a friend that really cares about him. Today, we actually had a Toronto Stake 50th Anniversary Stake Picnic, down in High Park, not Hyde Park (London), and Mr. Chen was totally involved, cooking the food for people in BBQ, it is great to see, and also shows how much I know for what Heavenly Father has planned for on my mission. Talking about that, just want to share something I read about finding our purposes on our mission, from Sister Tang’s email (my cousin who is serving in HK), sharing her experiences when President Uchtdorf visited HK:

"President Uchtdorf also shared a lot of different things. He talked to us the importance of Preach My Gospel. He told us of the process of sending missionaries to our respective places. He challenged us to find our specific purpose here in the China HK mission. I’ve thought about this a lot. We were each sent to our specific missions because there was something specific we are supposed to accomplish. And I think those specific purposes reveal themselves when we see we are helping others come unto Christ. I love when President Uchtdorf talked of the Savior. Whenever he talked about the Savior his voice would soften and reverence would fill the room. You could feel that he was sincere and grateful. You could feel that he is a consecrated servant of the Lord. He testified to us that we are spiritually maturing in a very special way. He also counseled us to not hesitate, but to just try and speak your language. And of course smile, because the gospel is a joyful message."

So some of the pictures I attached, are a little bit random, of course the picture of our baptism, a visit to a japanese resturaunt that members treated us to, and random pictures of flowers, and one of our missionary display stand at our open house.

Just a short email this week, spent our morning at the Stake Picnic, still have to go buy food…so take care!


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