Worst Week ever?

July 26, 2010

I’m so relieved that this week is finally over, last week, me and my companion thought, “OK this week is either going to be the BEST, or THE WORST.” and it seemed like it was the latter. We had so many things fell through. Our plans, our lessons that we scheduled, people not being to make it to things, events we organised and things we planned to do didn’t really happen they way we wanted them to.

Well, despite all that, it was a good, but tough and stressful learning experiences, I did come pretty couple of times to punching someone, I visualised it…knew what combo I was going to use…so yup I got THAT close! But at the end of all that, next week is looking good so far, we have a baptism confirmed for next week, Mr. Chan will be getting baptised next week! my first one on my mission, I was there at the beginning, and I’m so glad it is actually happening. So I included a little extract from my president’s letter this week, this journey however, has been pretty eventful. The person I wanted to punch wasn’t Mr. Chan by the way.

“Due to inexperience in organising baptisms and poor planning, we FAILED, just like the quote in Harvest, Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail. This week, I’ve seen too many examples of this within myself.

The previous sunday, there were so many things we forgot to do with Mr. Chan, hoping that he would have time during the weekdays, but he didn’t. We were downtown visiting an investigator, and drop by his home, but he simply had no time to see us, initially I was angry, thinking that he doesn’t care about his baptism, I was thinking myself, I’m doing for him, and that, never thinking that maybe he was just busy, and we have so much to do is because we planned it badly. So on Saturday, we were able to meet him, check everything is OK, tried on baptismal clothes, got a photo taken, program made, afterwards, Elder Anderson interviewed him, he passed, now ALL is good to go next Sunday. It’ll be fast sunday next week, but our ward loves to throw parties, and on the 8th August, when he is confirmed, they will have a good munch and mingle to celebrate a new member of the ward, and you are very welcome to join us if your schedules allows.”

Our Bishop assigned us to go to a funeral to sing, and I had to say the closing prayer, it is really awkard when you don’t know the person that died, but I’ve been in worst. I thought fantastic, they would all need and love to hear about the Plan of Salvation, how they can see him again, but nothing is that easy…it was mostly just awkward, and talking to the family was, well, at best, uncomfortable? But nevertheless a pretty interesting experience…

Our Bishop also assigned us to perform and do 2 30mins programs for the residents at a nursing home, it got us real worried, but it ended up being a enjoyable experience for me, anyway, Elder Pierce thought otherwise, but I left with a really happy nice feeling, it felt like, you’ve brighten somebody’s day today, just a rewarding feeling from serving people, and of course, there is plenty to improve on for next time.

Lastly, we had a Missionary Fireside at our Ward organised, joint with the English Ward, there were so few that attended beside the participants that we had to postpone it and do it another time…it felt like just a waste of time and effort, when everything was sorted, except not enough people knew about it…such a shame.

But I’m looking forward to the next week, and the week after next…there are so exciting new changes in the missionfield worldwide…we’ve been told about it, but don’t really know excatly what the changes mean…but we know that as Co-District Leader with Elder Pierce, we are going to be attend a 4 DAY! Yup 4-DAY long Leadership Training Meeting! Woohoo! Lots of surprises in stored in August I’m sure.

Bye bye, take care.

Elder Lau


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