The future is BRIGHT, the future is SUPER BUSY!

July 19, 2010

It’s been a great week, has been lots of fun, lots of changes…super exciting transfer!
The World Cup is finally over, and Canada has gone back to normal, nobody except the die hard few talk about football, no country flags anymore. No more football distractions!
My family said I put on a lot weight… probably, but lately, I’ve been eating so much less than before…last week, only spent $7 on food shopping, mainly buying kimchi and soy milk….yummm…keeping this week fairly similar, with a little bit of meal, got lots of fish in the freezer.

The weather has continue to be very hot. So uncomfortable, got a green light from mission president to but a air conditioner though, so happy shopping later on today!

A extract from my letter to Mission President regarding last week’s missionary work.

“This week, we meet twice with Apple, our new investigator from last week, she lives downtown, but we drove down to meet her once, and she came up to our area as well. She is so sincere and humble, and really desire to be able to know that Christ can change her live, and make her happier. We are making a little happy scripture box for her, so she can pick a little stick with a scripture from the Book of Mormon to read when she is feeling sad. Hopefully, she would realise that word of God can really touch our hearts.

We had a good meeting with Tyson this week, we brought Ken Huang along, who is recently reactivated member, had a good lesson about understanding the importance of prophets and the Book of Mormon, although I’m not sure how effective it might be, but Ken offered to take him to Institute at the Scarborough chapel, where they play basketball afterwards, so hopefully it’ll be really for Ken to fellowship Tyson, to strenghten Ken’s own testimony to grow stronger by helping Tyson see the blessings of the Gospel.

Lastly, Mr. Chan, we meet with him after church on Sunday with Sister Tsien again, talked about Tithing and Law of Chastity, we were a little worried, because he has problem of either of those, he cannot be baptised next Sunday, he actually gives donations to the church already, although he doesn’t need to do, he takes a donation envelope and pays it as a donation, but he didn’t understand why it is a commandment, so we taught him that, and he wanted to know where Tithing goes, and it is used, so using the tithing slip, we explained to him each thing it goes to, and how it is used to build the Kingdom of God on this earth, after which he seemed fine with it. Law of Chastity, just like Word of Wisdom last week, he explained it to us from the medical point of view, then we explained the blessings that God promised us. So we are working to get everything organised this week, and hopefully all goes well,and we’ve have our first baptism in the area in 6 months!

On Saturday was our Ward Open House, and a lot of people attended, and quite a few member invited their non-member friends, we manage to get contact information from two of them in our area, and hopefully good things will come from it! So we know that the member’s are willing to share the gospel with their friends, now we just have to make we work with the ward to create more opportunites to do so. In fact, we are hosting a Missionary Fireside next Sunday night on Gospel Blessings (for the family) at Richmond Hill Chapel at 7pm to have members invite their friends to again!”

Lastly, my new companion is Elder JJ Pierce, his Cantonese is amazing, we speak probably only cantonese in the apartment, and is really good working with him, he is great fun, and a great missionary, we are currently co-district leaders, and he is pushing me to work harder…which I guess is a good thing!

Really excited about the next weeked, so much going on, we have a baptism and fireside sunday, a service project to entertain old people at nursing home on saturday, and even a funeral to sing at (@o@) !

Take Care everyone!

Elder Lau


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