July 12, 2010

It is transfer week this week, and although somehow I was expecting a peaceful night, even though it was unlikely, in the end, we got a call last night, around 9.45pm, both of us in the companionship are getting new companions, I’m staying in my area, in Markham Cantonese work, with Elder Pierce, someone that Sister Jessica Tang knows as well, as they knew each other in the MTC, we will be Co-District Leaders together, so theoretically, the load will be halved? But nothing is ever an exact science…But it should be good opportunity to work with a great missionary. Elder Stanavige, is going to English work for a little while, so the people who came into Toronto with me, are now blasted wide across the mission, even though they were called to chinese work, we currently have 4 Cantonese missionaries in the ward, and a total of eight in the mission, so only half actually serve according to their calling.

To further implement a cheaper and hopefully healthier diet, I’m using dried tofu (five spices dried tofu) as a meat subsitute in my cooking, today, in my shopping, I spent, $7.62, brought a bag of bak choi, celery, two cartons of soy milk and one box of kimchi…I wonder would I lose my appetite for food if I keep eating like this…NAH probably not.

So the World Cup is over, I have one less distraction on my mind to contend with, because although the Premier League kicks off in just little over a month’s time, Canada has not coverage of that whatsoever… But still however much I avoid the World Cup, it come knocking on my door all the time, the members in my ward, our investigators, everyone talks about it, so I pretty much know (through some of my own effort to ask sometimes I admit) every match result, and how it match was…who played well, who scored,etc… like sporadic broadcast of football news over the phone…Well its over, and Spain won…though I supported Holland all the way through…heard that Robben was electrifying at times…

Last of all, YUI has a new album, Holidays in the Sun, coming out of the 14th July, can be first edition can be purcahsed here. Support my favourite artist! If someone could tell me if this album is good or very good or out of this world…that would be most helpful. (I haven’t seen the website or heard the mp3s…there is a limit to the extent I get distracted you know!)

So I promised so photos last week, here are some pictures.
1) pic with Elder Stanavige, my companion at Zone Lunch today
2) our Zone at Toronto temple.
3) Toronto temple on a NICE day!
4) Our chapel, isn’t it beautiful…
5) just to show missionary work is very fun…(I was standing on top of wobbly chair taking picture in a perilous place)

take care. until next time

Elder Lau

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