July 5, 2010

This last week, we probably the hardest for me so far, not because of the terribly hot weather here, nor are we working till we are exhausted (we do that anyway!), but even in Canada, all the chinese people everywhere are talking about the World Cup in South Africa, for someone that usually never misses a game on TV, and to be able to watch it, or talk about it, or play football…it is 24hrs temptation. Visited one member’s house, and he was watching it, and he said we could watch it, but he wouldn’t tell anyone, or on 1st July, Canada Day, when the ward had a activity to go football, I knew because we didn’t have investigators going, it wouldn’t be most effective, every fibre of my being wanted to go and play, and believe me, i tried my hardest to come up with any excuses to go…but I still resisted. That has been the one of the reason it’s been tough.

But also, there a few contention within my district, and people not behaving so well, or not liking each other, so a lot of things had to be done to resolve certain situations, it has been so stressful, and definetly a baptism of fire for me as a district leader, why can’t I just have a normal week or couple even…

A few of our investigators have been progressing well, and hopefully, we’ll still have 2 baptism this month, and hopefully, maybe one for next month. Had some sweet spiritual experiences in teaching lately, one was when we taught about fasting and prayer, and just something as simple as prayer, when it is sincere, the spirit is so strong…

Oh transfer is coming up this sunday night, and speculations are flying about everywhere. Compare to the World Cup, thats even more distracting.
Went to a japanese sushi buffet place for dinner on exchange, haven’t had that type of food for so long.
Oh, and I’ve started a diet, I’m only eating mix veg and kimchi with rice everyday for dinner, already dropped couple of pounds by eating less and no meat, replacing my protien with tofu and beans instead.

Anyway, spent way too much on computers today making flyers for this and that, we have a Open House event and a ward fireside coming up soon…and I’m the only one who knows chinese, and only one that knows photoshop…been using that software way too much…taking too much time…

Take Care.

Elder Lau

no time to send photos to this week, but promise to send some next time!


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