Week of Miracles!

June 28, 2010

There has been some GREAT, FANTASTIC MIRACLES in the past week. Both happened on the same day!

One of our investigators, Tony (14years old) who originally had a baptismal date, but had to be cancelled because we could get permission from his Dad.
So we’ve been praying and praying and trying and seeking for a chance to meet with his dad, so we can explain to him that all we are doing is helping his son, and baptism is a wonderful thing. But we’ve been unsucessful, time after time. But last TUESDAY, when I was on exchange in mandarin work, my companion Elder Stanavige, called up and told us, that his dad was home. Usually most weeks, we’ve visited Tony at 4pm on Tuesday countless times, and his Dad has NEVER been home. So even though we were exchange, we drove there, his dad was willing to sit down and talk to us, no apparent objection or concern, we asked if we can come back later that night to speak to both parents, and indeed we did. His Dad had his heart miraclously softened (and we had no idea how it happened), and unlike before, they OK’d it, and we brought the baptismal form for them to sign! As of yet though, we are going to set a date with Tony tomorrow…hopefully for this month!

Kelly, an investigator of the mandarin who has been going to FHE, English Class,etc… has been interacting and friends with some of the missionaries and members from Bayview. But has always insisted on being THE most stubborn aethiest on the planet, she is a really smart girl, but just stubborn. But we visited her and Diane, her member friend at the library, just a usual contact, to see how they were doing, nothing out of the ordinary. But later that night, after we spoke to Tony’s parent’s. We got a call from the Zone Leaders, and they told us, she want to get baptised! Both me & Elder Lee (from HK), were looking at each other, tototally confused, and perplexed as to what happen. We remained in that state throughout the night…just pondering and thinking, only concluding that it is another MIRACLE!

Unfortunately, she is going back to China for the summer in 2 days, and will not be baptised before, but we are doing everything we can to try and keep her testimony strong and continue to grow, and should (fingers cross) be baptised when she is back!

Book of Mormon, Mormon, Chapter 9 Verse 19
"And if there were amiracles wrought then, why has God ceased to be a God of miracles and yet be an unchangeable Being? And behold, I say unto you he bchangeth not; if so he would cease to be God; and he ceaseth not to be God, and is a God of miracles. "

I know that when things that happen and we can’t explain it, and it always leads to something good, it can only come from our loving Heavenly Father, who is from the beginning till now, a God of Miracles.

And on my mission, I’ve seen so many miraclous things happen, and I invite all of you to really find out who you really are, and the potential that you have within you as sons and daughters of God.

Elder Lau

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