Summer in full swing…

June 21, 2010

The summer here in Toronto is in swing here, it has been so hot everyday here. Tracting (knocking on doors) has become hard work recently, but it is still all good and well, at least the heat makes me sweat more and stop me gaining weight… Got a new backpack for $100+ CAD last week, so comfortable, but so expensive, about 50quid, will get some pictures of it soon maybe, also brought a Japan football top, although I can’t watch football, been playing it tho, although no way as fun over here in Toronto, last time I play, there was about 30 people chasing the ball around the pitch…

Oh, I had been driving a couple of times, and had to fill in Accident Report today…! I crashed, only slightly, turned too tightly parking into a spot, scraped the front bumper, but somehow, left no damage on the other care, no idea how that happens, but driving is so stressful! The less I drive the better.

Hmmm…dunno what to write…oh had the Mormon Tabernacle Choir organist come to Toronto and play, he made all sorts of noises and sounds that I didn’t even know a organ could make…it was good fun, and we have our hands full with too many investigators at the moment, way way busy!

Anyway, off now, until next week.

Take Care.

Thanks for the messages!


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