Baptism? Maybe…

June 7, 2010

It is an new and exciting week commencing today, same companionship, same area, but a lot around me has changed, and even more is happening. Where to start? I’ve been assigned as a district leader, so which means I have to serve 3 other missionaries to the best of my abilities with the Lord’s help in my district. To be honest, I didn’t feel or think I needed the extra weight on my shoulders, as I’m still trying to plant my feet firmly on the ground, I guess the Lord felt I already done that maybe, or felt that I needed to be running forward again, but this assignment is opportunity to grow and learn, and most definitely stretching me!

This week, one of our investigators Tonny, (spelt correctly with 2 Ns) may or may not be getting baptised, most probably will get baptised! Because our focus for the coming period is Look for Opportunties and Expect Miracles to Happen! But he is 14, so need parent’s permission, but we found out last friday, that he has spoken to neither of his parents, and we talked with the mum on Sat, who said she is ok if the Dad is, but the Dad works last everyday, except Wed, so we are praying so hard that we can meet him on Wed, and all will be well, and it will, if the Lord wills it to be.

Also, after Family Home Evening BBQ 2 weeks ago, yesterday, we made dumplings, it was so good, (i forgot to bring my camera, but companion has some photos, will add later.) It was a lot of fun, we had the less active children join in(its at their home) and the members brought along two friends who are now talking with missionaries about the gospel! But above all it was great fun, and the food was very tasty…hmmmm, yummy… secret ingredients in those tasty dumplings, seaweed, never tried it before, but they tasted amazing!

I’ve probably been here long enough, so probably will need to go, while caught in my own little bit of World Cup fever! (I’m gunning for Holland this year…coz Bergkamp is dutch, Van Persie also) I went and brought my new pair of football boots, all surface pair, so I can use anywhere, and also, my companion brought a pair as well, plus a Argentina shirt, I’m contemplating getting one, but the $79.99CAD price tag somewhat puts me off.

So until next week, take care, love you all.

Elder Lau



  1. Wai Wai,

    Happy Birthday Dik Dik! Hope you have an amazing day and may you be blessed with courage, luck and fortune with the rest of your journey! šŸ˜€

    Keep up the good work!

    Sarah XxX

  2. Heyhey,

    Happy Birthday Dickdick, hope u hv a lovely one in Canada!!!!take care and all the best on everything, keep going!!:)we miss u tho šŸ˜›

    Danny & Fiona


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