A peaceful sunday night.

May 31, 2010

There is nothing better than a peaceful night without a particular phone call from the Office, it means no need to be transfer or moved. So yup, I’m staying for the meanwhile, another 6 weeks in Markham South area for Cantonese work in Sunny Toronto. Its not tat I don’t like change, CHANGE IS GOOD, change is necessary, but when change sets you back more than move forward, then it’s not the best…

This week has been a good work for us, we’ve taught a lot of lessons, our Saturday was full! there wasn’t much time to eat dinner and stuff…and with how much I value my meal time, it is very rare that situations like that occur, but it’s good, been teaching companion how to cook some chinese food, and been buying a lot more japanese food, because it taste so good! and its pretty healthy…I’m cooking rice mixed with red rice, and lunch is usually something like miso soup and tofu with noodles, I’m making a slight effort to stay healthy, and not to gain anymore weight.

This week, one of our new investigators is a interior designer, trained the old school way, when they actually had to know how to make proper models, proper drawings without all this CAD and computer stuff, he has also built his own CNC routers (machine used to cut wood or material based on DXF format CAD drawings). He is just cool, and very sincere…and I was just excited to talk about design, architecture, etc… Sometimes it is just nice to able to spend the time really getting to know and take interest in people you teach the gospel to, because wer are not automated message delievery systems with the lessons loaded into our brains, we are all indiviuals and very often, when people know that about you, you can sense they are more interested in the very special message we share with them. Some quote I heard from someone, somewhere goes something like this…” They won’t care about you know until they know how much you care.” That is so true in everyway, especially for missionary work.

That’s bout it I think, but before I leave, I’ll leave u with a wonderful talk to read.

Heavenly Father offers to you the greatest gift of all—eternal life—and the opportunity and infinite blessing of your own “happily ever after.”

link here

Enjoy, until next week.

Take care * bye

Elder Lau


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