In the midst of the simmering heat on Toronto!

May 26, 2010

This week has been extremely hot, peaked today at 32 degrees celsius. Way too hot to do go knocking on doors, to stand in the street talking to people, but I guess as a missionary I don’t have that choice not to do it. Especially as it is already the end of May, and time has flew past me, and I’m barely hanging on.

This week has been great fun, to let you all know that we do have fun somewhat, we organised and for the most part, ran a barbeque for the YSA. Nothing at the beginning went right, the BBQ grill was tiny, there wasn’t enough coal, we cooked part of the food in the oven…so much for being a BBQ, when people started coming, it was too hot, so no one wanted to be outside anyway…it was for the first 30mins, a "tear you hair out" experience, it was stressful, but as things went on, it gradually became fun. Most of the food got eaten, for the most part, at least I hope so, the people that came had fun, but it was TOO hot to be outside tho.

So because it was WAY too hot, the next day was national holiday, it was a long weekend, and they celebrated Victoria Day, maybe something to do with Queen Victoria, though, we never heard of anything of the sort in England, we went and played football, in 30degrees searing heat, under the glaze of the burning sun, it was so hot, it was tiring, I was super unfit, but man…it was FUN, haven’t not played football for a while, I didn’t care how tired I felt, I just wanted to play and play, it was so satisfying, and the day after, ALL my muscles were so sore, but it was worth it, unfortunately, don’t have any pictures, as I was too busy on the pitch!

Yesterday, (today being a P-day and Wednesday), had a General Authority, Elder Paul Sybrowsky who served in this mission come and give us a special Zone Conference, it was mental exhausting added to my physical lack of strength, but it was great, learned a lot, reflected on a lot of things, how to improve, to take a good look at ourselves, and really ask, are we doing all we can?

It’s been a good week, the only thing that can make it much better is a air conditioner, we have only one fan in our apartment, and it is very hot, there is a large row of windows, and we get way too much solar gain, thus cause serious overheating, curtains would be nice, but then it requires effort, and that is hard to find, especially for me.

Ok, time to go, so have a great week!


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